In Good Conscience: Brothers With No Game – Web Series [Episode 2]

As I mentioned before, my dudes over at Brothers With No Game have created a HILARIOUS and extremely entertaining web series about life, love and all the trials and tribulations that pop up in between. The initial episode was amazing [hopefully I don’t sound like I’m boosting my boys, cause it truly was] and the response was overwhelming, so here is episode #2, entitled “Domestics.”

Here it is, ladies & gentlemen:

Couple points I want to make about this video:

A) The ideology that men need to get under a NEW nani to get over the previous one is completely false and total BS.

B) Women, there’s nothing wrong with sliding your number to a man – just know that it’s equally as corny as when a man slides his number to you.

C) Men and women CAN’T be friends IF there is a sexual attraction there.

D) A woman’s inability to cook can be an instant erection-deflater for some men.

E) Yes – It DOES take men longer to get over heartbreak than women.

I would really appreciate if you could help these dudes complete their ten episode first season by donating to their Indiegogo campaign ( OR be cursed to watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Atlanta Jumpoffs for the rest of your days.

This Is Your Conscience

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