It’s Important To Get Fit NOT To Impress Others – But To Amaze YOURSELF

From the first time I ever saw Jordin Sparks on TV in 2007, I ALWAYS thought she was extremely attractive. I’m not Tony Horton, so I got NO problem with showing thick girls some love, and combine the fact that she was talented, sweet and had a beautiful smile, I would have risked a hernia to carry her over the threshold. Fast forward about 3 years later, and she popped up looking FIT as hell out of the blue. And now today, she is the gorgeous, beautiful woman in the picture above. Now, she was always beautiful, and being skinny does NOT mean that she’s intrinsically worth MORE than any big woman – but it DOES say A LOT about her character.

When it comes to discussing people’s body size, there are A LOT of common misconceptions that many of us fall victim too. We live in a society that incorrectly propagates body size to health, inundating us with the belief that ALL skinny people are shining beacons of healthy-light, and all big people are fat, lazy sloths who overeat and under-exercise. That is utter BULLSH*T. Anyone who automatically equates size to health in ALL scenarios is probably an idiot.

But with that said, I was reading blog comments about Jordin’s weight loss, and it was amazing how many people were going IN on her for losing this weight and then INCORRECTLY using the “Skinny doesn’t equal fit” point to DISS Jordin and denigrate her personal achievements in becoming much more fit – and it’s these people who NEED to understand a very important part about working out improving their bodies: It’s important to get git NOT to impress other people – but to AMAZE yourself.

The reason I think Jordin is BETTER now than before is not because of her aesthetics, but because she challenged HERSELF and achieved the goal she set out FOR HERSELF. Jordin isn’t on some temporary “summer-body” or “beach body” or “wedding dress” challenge, she is a young woman who would NOT settle for being “fine” with her body, but knowing that she could WORK HARD to improve it. That doesn’t mean that her previous body weight was horrific, or that she was sad or depressed about how she USE to look, but it meant that she simply saw room for improvement and BUST her ass to make that change FOR HERSELF.

Here’s the reality: Most people in North America are overweight. If you are thick or big, you should NOT be ashamed of your body, but recognize that there IS room for natural improvement because, in your current state, you are NOT the most FIT version of yourself. Now understand that becoming more fit is NOT about being skinny or having a six pack or bulging biceps or making a Biggest-Loser type transition. It’s about the strength, power and pride that comes from having the discipline and will power to become even HAPPIER with your body because you shed 5 or 50 pounds, or went down a dress size/pant size or got a few veins in your biceps. I don’t want you to be fit for something nice to look at, but because there IS a personal sense of pride and empowerment one gets from taking to initiative to improve ANYTHING in their life.

But this is a mission that you take by yourself, for yourself, and when you do, you will realize that what everyone ELSE thinks about you, pales in comparison to how YOU feel about you.

This Is Your Conscience

Also, big props to Jennifer Hudson on transforming her life too – you can read about how she achieved her change here:

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