Mitt Romney Got BOOED At The NAACP Convention – Which Is Exactly What He WANTED

When I heard that Mitt Romney was going to speak at the NAACP convention, I thought it was just a trending Twitter joke until I googled it and realized it was a REAL thing that was occurring. Well, late last night, it came as no surprise to me to hear that he was showered with BOOS after making an offhand comment about repealing “obamacare.” But this entire fiasco has me wondering why a presidential candidate who neither WANTS nor NEEDS the Black vote to win, would even bother addressing a large audience of African-Americans? And then it HIT me – because he needed Blacks visceral disapproval to energize his base.

Here’s the video for those of you who haven’t seen it:

Here’s the reality of the uphill battle facing Barack Obama’s re-election: The voters that gave him a significant edge in 2008 have become increasingly more lethargic towards the president. Barack had a HUGE advantage over John McCain because he had the support of minorities and the young voters – but those votes are no longer shoe-ins like they use to be. The current economic climate combined with rising education costs and unfair [and unregulated] practices by private lenders has caused young voters to lose the “hope” for change, resulting in polls stating he has already lost the 18-29 year olds. A survey found that 61% of this voting class will decide on POSITIONS as opposed to CHARISMA, and with the mess that Bush left for Obama, it’s gonna be hard for him to overcome that.

But why is this important as it relates to Mitt Romney’s speech?

Because the REAL war will be for the independents – and if you can create an equal-ratchet-playing field between both camps, it will make independents UNABLE to just write off the Republicans as the CRAZY party, because in their mind ‘EVERYONE LOST THEIR DAMN MIND!’ It is my [possible conspiracy theory-like] opinion that Mitt Romney went to the NAACP convention and dropped derogatory BS language like ‘Obamacare” [a term that rubs a LOT of Black folk wrong] just to get the reaction out of the crowd that can make the average, non-Black independent frame the audience as acting “IGNANT.” I can’t WAIT to hear how Fox spins this, and how it plays throughout the campaign, but I believe he quickly paused after the BOO’S started reigning down on his ass just so the camera’s and the pundits could frame the rather polite audience as Black Power extremists – or basically THIS chick:

The truth is that Barack Obama is having MASSIVE problems with the independent vote and polls are showing he is LOSING to Romney by 6-8% on many important issues with them. If Obama has a low turnout from the Black community [which is likely since the “novelty” wore off to a LOT of folk], and he loses the young vote [which is very likely], THEN he loses the independents, it will be damn near IMPOSSIBLE to get re-elected. Boo-gate by Romney is the PERFECT opportunity for the Republicans to paint the “Urban” Democratic base as crazy, overly-idealistic and irrational.

Hell, look at his smile while getting booed.

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