NBA Off-Season & Draft Thoughts: Can The UNIBROW Save New Orleans? [By: Porsha Melcher]

So much has happened since the draft that occurred last week, initially it seemed like most of the trades would happen on draft night and honestly there was minimal trade drama that unfolded. There really weren’t too many shocking discoveries in the draft besides Waiters getting drafted so high, but seeing Davis and Rivers land in Nawlins was expected. Yet for some reason I don’t really see the hype over those two among others.

New Orleans….Tha Block is Hot

So Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers were the top draft picks for the Hornets, but even with that said we know Eric Gordon is gone. No matter how much they want him there, it is very clear he doesn’t desire to stay and will become disgruntled if they keep him. He’s a good player, but I don’t see the hype and the way he conducted himself upon getting traded last year was enough to say good riddance granted he’s only 23. Maturity will come eventually but if you love something enough just let it go. Now on to Rivers and Davis, I honestly thought Rivers needed another year or so of college ball to develop a little more. But my opinion clearly doesn’t matter, I feel that even with another year he could have gone higher than the pick he did especially with the talent pool being so watered down. Davis is ok to me, I don’t feel like I did with Greg Oden(I knew in my heart he was going to be a bust and was never worthy of being called the next Bill Russell…blasphemy)I don’t think he will be a bust, but I think he will be more of a Marcus Camby/Antonio McDyess type of player if he’s lucky.

Houston/Dallas We Have A Problem

What are Bill Morey and Mark Cuban doing, they have destroyed these two franchises in a matter of weeks all to be a part of the Dwight and Derron sweepstakes. Terry is gone to the C’s, Kidd is a Knick and now rumor is Dirk isn’t happy and wants out. What did Cuban do, make a deal with the devil for one championship? The Rockets lost Dragic, Lowry and now are in a state of disarray. Yes they did somewhat well in the draft, but those young guys need time to develop and I guess this will be the time because this roster is trash. So playing time will be handed out freely like free candy.

Hello Brooklyn…how ya doin?

With the addition of Joe Johnson(forever being overrated and overpaid) and Gerald Wallace(tough player that I like) plus getting Derron to resign, I feel they will compete. Honestly I don’t think it matters if they get Dwight right now and even if they do they will still be no higher than a 2-3 seed at best but the Heat will still beat them. But I love Williams as a big point guard and I think this will work with either Lopez or Howard at the 5. Just wait and see.

New York State of Mind

Please understand that signing JKidd isn’t going to make them that much better as well as keeping Lin. I don’t think Lin will be as good as advertised and Kidd is 4 years past his prime, but he’s better than what they have at the moment with Shumpert and Davis done for a while. Amare and Melo play their best with a true pg that can take the ball out there hands when needed. Stay tuned.


Ray Ray is probably going to Miami (cues Will Smith song) and I can’t hate on him for that, he has a lot left in the tank. Don’t be fooled by his injury thinking he’s done, a bum ankle with spurs will weaken any person, trust me on that. So with his ankle better, he will be much more productive especially with Bron dishing the ball. We saw what Mike and Shane did sitting behind the 3 pt line so imagine what the top 3 pt shooter in the league will do.

The Clippers are reupping with everyone, the thing is I feel they messed up by not getting Ray and getting Jamal Crawford, he’s not a good fit for them he’s a Mo Williams 2.0 which is not a good thing. I always felt Crawford would fit with the Bulls, but keeping Billups and now adding Crawford I expect CP3 to walk next summer. Sorry Clipper fans, it was good while it lasted.

Adding Nash to the Lakers is like 3 years too late, he’s 38 and wants no part of playing defense. He is still a good facilitator and it should help, but until they address their lack of depth and shooters on the bench they will continue to see an early exit from the playoffs, sorry for speaking such truth but there it is. The Celtics are quietly adding more to their arsenal and I won’t be shocked with a real season with training camp etc, this team will be much better than this season. Which is quite scary for the Heat who I honestly feel like without the refs help in game 2 and Bron’s magical game 6,they really lost that series to the C’s and were outplayed in 4 games straight. If the Heat think just adding Ray and no other pieces to their front court is enough then they will be the Mavs of next season and we see how that worked out. There will be no not 1,not 2, not 3 but actually just 1.


I honestly feel the Magic need to get rid of Dwight, he’s not worth all this hype. But since he did this to himself by stupidly resigning that one year deal, if I were the GM I’d ship him to the Bobcats. You want to be traded only to resign, disrupt a franchise and cause so much chaos then demand to be traded again when you aren’t a FA because of your poo decision making…ok I’ll make a poor decision and send you to the Bobcats the new purgatory of the NBA. Have fun! He doesn’t deserve to have his way and go to the Lakers or Brooklyn, that’s too easy. If there was a team in Nova Scotia.

Shout out to Serena Williams for doing her thing at Wimbledon. I hate to say it, but Venus needs to hang it up in terms of playing singles and focus on doubles because that’s all she has left in the tank.

Tiger Woods isn’t back, it is not all good in the hood. Until he wins majors like he did before Golf-gate he is not back, no matter what he says. Do really believe anything coming out his mouth, I don’t and neither should you.

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