NBA Thoughts: Could The DREAM Team Beat The REDEEM Team?! [By: Porsha Melcher]

It’s no secret I am an avid supporter of Kobe “Bean” Bryant (yeah, I used his government name), but initially when I heard he said that this 2012 Olympic team could beat the ‘OG’ Dream Team, I laughed like MJ on Oprah.

Now, when I discussed this with a friend and broke down the match ups, I realized he just may be right. First, Kobe and MJ would cancel each other out, Pippen, who is a decent defender, would want no parts of LeBron so he’d torch Pip. Actually Pip would need to be on KD, thus Bron would go off at will. Then Dwill, Westbrook and CP3 would demoralize Stockton and Magic because Magic was on the decline at that point and Stock wouldn’t be able to keep up with them. Bird was past his prime with a bad back, Mullin was in the same condition too and add Clyde “the Glide” is in there as well.

The Dream Team’s only advantage would be Robinson, Barkley and Malone. Yet that would come at an expense too, because while Tyson Chandler would probably foul out the combo of Griffin/Love would force them to have to play honest defense because of the quickness of Griffin and Love’s ability to stretch the floor with his shooting, plus add Harden in there too. So like Kobe said they could win a game, but unlike many things we will never get to see this so no need to dwell on it. Now the Dream Team part 2 or even the 2000 Olympic teams vs this team, that’s another discussion for later (I will address it in the side notes).

Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up…Clippers Edition

I won’t call it the Clippers curse, but just when things are looking up for them, terrible incidents like this happen. Luckily for Griffin he signed the big contract beforehand and also it was a torn meniscus not an ACL. Honestly I don’t think he healed from the injury back in April during the playoffs. So he will be ready for the preseason and season, but quiet as kept people haven’t said anything about CP3 not signing the extension with the Clippers. That could mean something or just the fact that he will have more leverage while testing the market next summer, but I believe he’s joining the Knicks next summer. I think if CP3 really believed in what they Clippers are selling he would’ve signed the extension, so that let’s me know all I need to know. Being in LA was a means to an end to get out of New Orleans. I could be wrong, but time will tell and if they don’t have nearly as much success as they did this year – he’s gone like the wind.

Linsanity or just Insanity

Now I know the Rockets are desperate for a point guard after losing Dragic and trading Lowry away, but one thing I can’t be mad at is Lin getting his money. If some sucker is willing to pay that type of money on a backloaded contract then so be it. While either way Lin will get paid, the Asian population in NYC as well as Houston make it easy to see why they want him on their teams outside of the brief 20 something games he played. Only time will tell if the Knicks bring him back, and while he would get 14 million in his third year of the contract, it isn’t like they won’t make that money if he continues to play well and they market him accordingly well that minus the cap room issues. Again, by late Tuesday night we will know if they are serious about not bringing him back and Lin going to the Rockets.


I’m sorry the Olympic basketball jerseys for both the men and women’s teams are ugly.

Redeem Team v Dream Team 2 (‘96 team)

With Hakeem the Dream, Shaq (young gun Shaq), GP, Kidd, Reggie Miller, Penny, Grant Hill (I’ll stop there listing the talent), this team would blow the 2012 team out with ease, tell me I’m wrong?

I’ve even watched the women’s team play and they are extremely talented and should win the Gold with ease. No disrespect to the other international teams, but the women’s team is just has far superior talent plus depth at every position (Candace Parker, Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore etc). I hope Tamika Catchings gets her third medal, because she is the truth and the ultimate professional. In her younger days, paired with Chamique Holdsclaw at Tennessee, she was unstoppable. Don’t sleep on this year’s womens team, this may be the only time they will receive national exposure outside of the limited WNBA games.


I watched the ESPYs last week and it was OK. Honestly, the host was so-so, which made it mediocre to me. I’m sorry but Lin should not have won breakthrough player over Gronk. I became misty eyed with the Arthur Ashe award presentation to Pat Summitt, since I wanted to play for her so badly (I digress). The only good thing that came out of the week of ESPY celebration, besides raising money for the Jimmy V foundation, was the black version of Mike and Mike with Michael Smith/Mike Hill. They need their own show on ESPN, but let’s be real ESPN probably won’t do it.

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