Please Understand That How You Raise Your Kids Affects Us ALL

I am a big proponent in the ideology that the best way to prevent crime and the creation of criminals starts in the home. The way a parent chooses to educate their child, raise them with or without a solid moral code, or with or without any form of proper discipline, essentially sets that child down a good path or a TERRIBLE one. So when I turn on my TV and see some frowsy heffa defending her child’s terrible actions [and their own terrible parenting] with the phrase “How I choose to raise my kids is nobodies business but my own!” I wanna reach through the TV and Wayne Brady a b*tch.

The reason I wanted to touch on this today, is because I saw a video on the Net, that absolutely ENRAGED me and made me SICK to my stomach:

Kudos to his aunt for being completely ignorant and telling us her son was one thing, while the VIDEO EVIDENCE confirmed a completely different story. You’re doing a bang-up job, lady. But what I find funny about videos like these is that there’s always a clueless parent somewhere in them. And then fast-forward that child’s life several years later after he gets shot, and it’s that SAME mother crying about how her son “was an angel” and “never did nobody nothin’.” But the fact is SHE doomed her only child to a life of mediocrity and tragedy by subscribing to the ideology that the REST of us in society should NOT have ANY say in the CORRECT rearing of her child.

Simply put: How you raise your children is NOT just YOUR own business – it’s ALL of our business, because you don’t live, exist and operate on an island with just YOU and YOUR family. You live in a community that is greatly affected by the actions of every other individual inside of it, and if one individual is raised horrifically wrong, and turns out to be a sociopath, that child will go on to F*^K their community up, and eventually progress to greatly harming society as a whole.

Now obviously there are MANY great parents out here, and if you are one this message DEFINITELY doesn’t apply to you in any way, shape or form. But you must reconcile with the fact that there are ALSO very bad parents out there who DO need help in correctly raising their children into being progressive members of society. Not only are the children OWED the assistance, but all of the members of our society DESERVE to NOT be plagued by the actions of a misguided man who was never properly instructed as a BOY.

This Is Your Conscience

I also wanted to provide a link to a book that deals with this subject in an AMAZING and THOUGHT-PROVOKING manner written by people with MUCH more expertise on the subject than myself. Check it out:

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