The 3 BIGGEST Misconceptions Men Have About The Women They’re Sleeping With [By: Independent Woman]

Earlier this week Lincoln wrote about the 3 biggest misconceptions women have about men, but he obviously didn’t touch on the misconceptions men have about women they are “slamming.” So I decided to write this list to give men some much needed insight into what us women think about sex and love because far too many of you need some help!

1. Just Because We Are Sexing You, Doesn’t Mean We Have Long Term Intentions For You (Or Anyone At All)

Of course us women would prefer to have an all-around good man instead of Mr. Grind who’s d*ck is longer than his vocabulary! But the fact is we sometimes need a “FIX” too and when we do we will call you up, have fun and send you on your way. All men seem to think that women are wired to want to build a relationship with the good d*ck we have on speed dial, but they couldn’t be anymore incorrect…there are women out there who A) just want the sex and nothing more, B) realize he’s good for now but making sure she finds a more suitable suitor with better potential, and C) who don’t even want a relationship. Period!

2. One Great Orgasm Doesn’t Equal A Lifetime All-Access Pass To Ass

Far too many men seem to think that being the first man to give a woman an orgasm, or making her ejaculate, or putting her ass to sleep after some great D, automatically means he now has a lifetime pass to the p*ssy…UH, NO! Me and my girls always get at least one hard laugh during our weekly dinners at the expense of some loser who felt he would just “check in” with one of us out of the blue…when all he is really trying to do is get some of the good old fashion lay he use to have. Well, I’m sorry buddy but it doesn’t work that way! It was fun while it lasted, but I moved on and I’m over you and your d*ck…NEXT!

3. You Are The Reason She Came Like That

Men love to brag about how terrific their d*cks are, and how they are turning women out, but little do they know that the power of an orgasm lies within the woman herself…not what the man is doing to her! If a woman is not comfortable and in touch with herself sexually, she will not be able to cum the way she should! But when a woman learns her body and starts to understand what she likes and dislikes, she can cum very quick just by knowing how to contract her pc muscles and being able to maintain her focus. If your woman leaves the bed wet and soaking, that is a testament to her ability to orgasm…not your stupid belief of how well you “put it on her!”


Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience