The 3 BIGGEST Misconceptions Women Have About The Men They’re Sleeping With

Dating in today’s world can be tough as HELL, simply because dating today is more complicated than its ever been before. The dynamics between men and women have changed, the social stigma’s around different sexualities have been all but removed, and the internet has made dating easier and harder than a mutha—- at the same, damn time. I know a lot of men and women trying to manoeuvre around this dating scene with little to NO luck because we simply don’t understand each other – so I’m here today to provide y’all with some much needed insight into the WAY a man’s mind works with regards to the woman he’s sleeping with.

#1 He Keeps Coming Back Because The Sex Is Good

Ladies, let me explain something to you: Men devote countless hours, days, weeks, months and years to the means of getting new nani – and when we FINALLY get some, we rate the experience and prioritize how much we want to continue having that sex. Whether it’s with a girlfriend or a jumpoff, ANY sex will ALWAYS trump having NO SEX and having to back your fist in front of your laptop to HoodAmateurs. BUT, there are many women who think the man is LOVING the sex because he keep’s coming over – when the truth is he keeps coming over because he prioritizes going to bed horny LOWER than having your ass rake your teeth over his foreskin while giving head. In his mind, holding an icepack on his scrotum is better than blue balls.

Now the reason this is important bleeds into point #2…

#2 The Freakier We Get Does NOT = The More Serious We’re Getting

I can’t even remember the amount of times I’ve heard women attribute the increasing level of freakiness in their relationship with some dude, to a closer and deeper emotional connection. I understand on SOME levels, because the BEST sex in the world is the sex you have with someone you truly LOVE, but to correlate ALL squirtastic, multi-orgasmic, nut-busting to a deep-intrinsic connection is extremely problematic. Just because he tossed your salad last night doesn’t mean he’s trying to put a ring on it the next morning. Basically, don’t be like THIS:

#3 The Nut Was So Good It Means We’re Getting Back Together

Ok, this is a topic many women I know have issues with. They are going through a break-up or have recently broken up with a dude, and then they meet, chill, and end up smashing – leaving her to believe that they are now on the road to reconciliation. Unfortunately he takes it for what it was [available nani] and she misconstrues the act, and they end up having an awkward-ass convo about what the sex “meant.” What’s interesting about this point is that MEN are very guilty of this too when a woman comes back in our life to get ONE last set of multiples and we act like that was her way of saying “I do.” So let me address ladies AND gentlemen on this one: Any sexual encounter that you have with an old or recent ex that was NOT prefaced with a serious talk about rekindling your love, is nothing more than a piece of “Reminiscent Richard/Nani.”

This Is Your Conscience

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