The Inconvenient Truth About Black People’s Use Of The Race Card

Think THIS pictures "racist?" Honestly, it doesn't even matter right now...

After the unfortunate and untimely death of Trayvon Martin, I wrote an article entitled “Proper” Negro Fatigue that explained how horrific it is for Black people to have to act “Proper” in the eyes of white people in order to NOT seem suspicious. That article was circulated around many skinhead websites and forums, and my site ended up being inundated by prejudicial p*ssies who act hard behind their Macbook where they can say whatever they want without fear of reproach. Amongst ALL the idiocy, ignorance and hatred, one of these any-intellectual c*nts actually made a GOOD point that I couldn’t really disagree with. They said “why are Black people getting their panties in a bunch over Trayvon when they are killing each other every single day?” As much as I HATED myself for agreeing with some racist piece of sh*t, I ultimately came to the conclusion that what that person asked was fair. But my response to that person was simply this: “Although we DO have to deal with the very real issue of Black on Black violence, RIGHT NOW we NEED to focus on the racism that ended Trayvon’s life – we need to FOCUS.” Well, in light of the drawing above and the recent Block-party shootout here in Toronto that left 25 SHOT and 2 dead, we need to STOP solely focusing on RACISM and START focusing on Black on Black violence.

Let’s be clear: The Danzig shooting here in Toronto was perpetrated by predominantly Black “gangsters” at a predominantly Black blocko, with predominantly Black victims. You all can act as shocked as you want, but the only thing uniquely different about this incident as opposed to others in the past is the AMOUNT of people that got hit – but the issue of Black house parties, night clubs, bbq’s and other gatherings ending in a hail of bullets is NOT a NEW problem. When I tell people that I have personally been in around 15 events/venues that have been shot up in this city in the last decade, people of other cultures tend to look SHOCKED, but Black folks always seem to nod in solemn agreement. We KNOW that violence plagues our community and we HAVE to do something about it – and after Monday’s shooting, we seemingly had our chance.

FINALLY, we were going to address ALL of our internal issues as a community, and make strides to make our city safer for everyone. We will start accepting blame [perpetuating violent stereotypes, propagating illegal behaviour and not co=operating in investigations] and THEN we would start to look into how other external variables affect our ability to control our own communities [i.e. systemic racism and other socioeconomic factors].

But what did we do?

We saw the picture up top featured in the Toronto Star newspaper and decided to put all of our time, attention and effort into attacking them. No more qualitative discussions about Black on Black violence, no progressive thoughts on ending gang-culture and no ideas on curbing the illegal gun tradejust BITCHING & MOANING about a damn drawing. The sad truth about this incident with The Star is that we proved racist ideologues right by doing the one STUPID thing they always accused us of: Playing the infamous “Race Card.”

I HATE the terminology of “Race Card” because it condescendingly ignores the real issue of white privilege and how entrenched racist and prejudice thoughts are in the minds of society at large – but we lent these ideologies justice by screaming about “racism” at a time when we truly shouldn’t give a FLYING F*^K about who wants to draw a prejudice picture.

Do I think the picture is racist? Honestly, I haven’t given it ONE second of thought and I will continue NOT to, because it’s NOT F*^KING IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW. 25 people were shot at a damn Blocko, and there have been two more murders resulting from that in the past few days, which indicates they were probably revenge murders. The Black community is at a tipping point and we NEED solutions in order to slow down this reckless and dangerous behaviour – not CRYING over the perceived racism of the word “THEY.”

So here’s my point:

If you wrote long letters to the Star asking them to remove the drawing, but you didn’t write ONE word to Mayor Rob Ford asking why he was the only member of council to vote against accepting $350,000 from the federal government for a year-long gang intervention project that will not cost the city anything – then you can go F*^K yourself.

If you spent all day angry and cussing out the artist of that picture, and didn’t spend ANY time speaking to at-risk children about the high value of their lives and making smart decisions – then you can go F*^K yourself again.

When issues of racism come up, we need to address them and deal with them as fervently as possible – but when problems of our OWN doing arise, we need to put the racism argument to bed, and address our OWN inherent community problems before we go around trying to shove our fingers in other peoples face.

This Is Your Conscience

When Lincoln Anthony Blades is not writing for his controversial and critically acclaimed blog, he can be found contributing articles for Uptown Magazine. Lincoln wrote the hilarious and insightful book "You're Not A Victim, You're A Volunteer: How To Stop Letting Love Kick Your Ass". He is also a public speaker who has sat on panels all over North America and the Caribbean.