The Most Underrated Feature Of Long Distance Relationships – REUNION Sex

Not 20 minutes after the flight lands, it's time to get it in...

I’m no relationship counsellor, but I have enough intimate and extensive experience in long distance relationships to get a PH.d. on how they work. Being in a long distance relationship is one of the greatest explorations of your true intrinsic character, because to successfully operate in one, you need to be PATIENT as hell, TRUSTING as hell and RESILIENT as hell to deal with the few ups and the many, many, many, many, MANY DOWNS of this type of romance. But there is ONE feature of long distance relationships that makes the time, space and distance ALL worthwhile in one intense-ass moment of overt sensuality – REUNION SEX.

If you’re celibate you won’t understand or agree with what I’m about to say, but for the REST of the grown ass adults reading this, we KNOW that sex is an EXTREMELY important part of a relationship. Yes, we know that the emotional, mental and spiritual connections are ALL very important too, but at the end of the day sometimes you just need someone to hug you, kiss you, caress you – and then F*^K the shit out of you.

It’s hard as hell [no pun intended] for a man to be in a long distance relationship because any healthy man is going to sleep thinking about his girl and waking up harder than advanced economics the next morning – but his woman is nowhere near to him. It’s just as difficult for a woman to be in a long distance relationship because her pillows, toys and shower head can only go so far until she desperately craves her man’s soft tongue between her t*tties and his long, hard richard between her thighs. ESPECIALLY, if they have a good sex life, full of mind-blowing sex and squirtastic multiple orgasms.

So like any smart [and HORNY] long distance couple, you engage in technology that can help you bridge the gap. You start having Skype sex, and FaceTime sex, and sexting nasty pics for each other to masturbate to and have phone sex at all hours of the night, reminiscing on how much you enjoyed F*^KING them and what you are gonna do to them the next time you see them. Everyday you keep pushing the boundaries of your freakiness just to find ways to satisfy yourself knowing that your lover is too far to do it for you.

So finally the day comes when you get to meet up in person – and the second you see them all the feelings and deep emotions surge through you to know they are back in your arms. But then you embrace and lock lips and your mind goes straight to the damn gutter – you want SEX. And this is where REUNION sex comes in. This is the sex that a long distance couple engages in after being separated for an extended period of time – and it’s THE SH*T.

It is INCREDIBLE because her nani gets wetter than it’s ever been, knowing that she is about to feel every inch and every vein of his richard stroke the cum right out of her. It is AMAZING because her nipples are more sensitive than they ever been at the thought of his tongue running all over them and gently nibbling on them. She can barely control herself because she’s so excited to feel him inside of her and he’s trying to maintain his cool after finally remembering what it feels like to have her nani cream all over his fingers and tongue. He finally remembers how tight and wet she is when he begins to stroke her long and deep. And they both realize that those long-weeks/months of technological-dependence has expanded their freak-levels beyond measure.

They now want to try positions they never tried before and do freak-sh*t they never thought they would ever do before. The sex use to be PG-13, but now salad’s are getting tossed like it’s Hells Kitchen. But what’s even better is the fact that they can’t get enough of one another. Putting clothes on and doing regular activities becomes ten times more difficult because the second they think they are done, one look can have him hard again or have her panties soaked.


If you are in a long distance relationship or contemplating being in one, I hope this gives you a little something you can look forward to.

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