When It Comes To Finding LOVE, There Is No Such Thing As A “MINOR TURN-OFF”

Yesterday I was on the phone with my Lesbian friend and her homegirl [let’s call her Aaliyah] and Aaliyah was describing how she might have met the PERFECT woman a week ago. She recently started dating a butch chick who was trying to look like Queen Latifah in Set It Off, but looked more like Twista in the “Slow Jamz” video [but I digress]. So Aaliyah and “Twista” had great convo, enjoyed each other’s sense of humour and even had some burgeoning sexual tension – BUT there was one thing that made Aaliyah’s nani dry up faster than Jermaine Jackson’s high top without activator: “Twista” could NOT stop spitting phlegm ALL over the street EVERYWHERE they went. On one date, she even did that thing where you put one finger over one nostril and blow the snot out of the other nostril. Aaliyah now wants to kick “Twista’s” frowsy behind to the curb, but she is reluctant to do so because she believes the issue is TOO “minor” to end a potentially good relationship over – but she needs to get a grip.

The fact is when it comes to finding LOVE, there is no such thing as a “minor” turn-off and I had to explain that to her. Now, Aaliyah explained to “Twista” from the FIRST date how much it offended and disgusted her, yet no adjustment in behaviour was made which means it’s time for this overnight celebrity to become a memory.

We should be very clear that finding LOVE is obviously MUCH different than finding some new richard or nani. Hell, when it comes to getting nothing but some new nani or richard, the standards we have are ALLOWED to drop, since we don’t really expect to see that person after the one night, week, or month of squirtastic, nut-busting sex. But if you are looking to find someone to spend your life with, someone you can love and who will love you back unconditionally and someone worth creating a family with, anything that impedes the honest progress of your relationship search is a MAJOR thing.

Now I added honest in there, because there is a LARGE difference between a REAL search for love and a superficial one. Some people THINK they are ready for love, but are no where near being mature or coherent enough for a serious, long-term relationship, so there petty concerns are pointless. But for the people who understand the concept of compromise and big-picture ideology, a turn-off is simply a turn-off and you shouldn’t TRY to force it.

In fact, I have some turn-offs that are considered “Minor” in some peoples eyes, such as:

I can’t date a chick who can casually throw an entire bag of McDonalds garbage out the car window on the freeway like it’s nothing. There’s something about her carelessness that really disgusts me.

Nasty-Ass Cars
There’s a difference between a messy car and a nasty car. A messy car just has things everywhere (like CD’s, snow brushes and magazines), but a NASTY CAR has 3-month old half-eaten Big Macs, cockroaches and a box of pads with a trail of ants running inside of it (yes I’ve actually seen the last one).

Women Who Clap Their Hands When They Argue
I don’t know how common this is, but once a woman gets to yelling at me and clapping her hands in sync with her cuss words, I’m OUT bruh.

Now to some people these are small little things that I should “get over” or “learn to deal with” but the reality is starting a relationship conceding something as simple, yet important as a TURN-OFF is a TERRIBLE way to begin a serious, long-term union.

This Is Your Conscience

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