Don’t You DARE Tell Me How Important Sex SHOULD Be In MY Relationship

As much as I love debating and discussing my viewpoints on sex and relationships with various people, there IS one topic I frequently get TIRED of debating: “What’s MORE important in a relationship, good sex or a good personality?” I really HATE getting in debates over this topic because of ONE simple reason: The two are NOT comparable items. That’s like asking “What’s MORE important in a car, the ENGINE or the TRANSMISSION?” when the truth is BOTH are NECESSARY for the car to run properly. But what really ANGERS me about these discussions is that midway through some condescending DOUCHEBAG feels the need to not only tell me HOW I view sex, but also tries to tell me HOW important sex SHOULD be in my relationship. You can miss me with that corny BULLSH*T.

Here’s an example of the corniness:

Now I completely agree with the first sentence in that sign, because it is a personalized testimony that is true to THEM and nobody else. They are unequivocally stating THEIR view on how sex [or lack of it] affects THEIR OWN lives, and who am I to discount that as a truism in their lives? But then when you get to the SECOND sentence, THAT’S where this B*TCH-ASS sign loses ALL my respect. Because now they are TELLING me what sex means TO ME, and then claiming to know EACTLY how it will and will not affect my relationship. They aren’t even granting me the same respect I just granted them in this above paragraph.

And this is NOT a rant against celibacy, the church, or married folk who preach abstinencethis is a rant against ANY JACKASS who believes in the anti-intellectual ideology that every man and woman emotionally and mentally internalizes the act of sex the SAME. All of us “fornicators” DON’T view sex as just some degrading good ol’ nut-bustin’ fun. For many of us it is an IMPORTANT moment of physical intimacy that brings us EVEN closer to our significant other. It’s MAKING LOVE – and YES that CAN happen without a ring.

Married or not, making love is the same thing..

I’ve stated many times on this blog that a successful relationship is typically comprised of having a great mental, emotional and physical connection [in some cases spiritual too], and that is exactly what I NEED in order to engage in a happy, loving relationship.

I want a woman I can sit down and talk with about any issue, who I can laugh with ’til I cry, who can be my best friend, who can kick me in my ass when I’m wrong and outta line, and who I feel comfortable sharing my deepest secrets with. I also I want a woman I love more passionately than any other woman to come before her, who I can count on to brighten my mood when I’m down, and who can make me an even BETTER man just through her love and support. AND I also want a woman I can kiss and run my tongue over every inch of her body anytime of the day. A woman I can lay down on my sheets and feel deep inside of her and hear her moan my name. A woman I can feel cum all over me and pass out in my arms in a state of exhausted bliss. ALL of that comprises a GREAT relationship to ME, and it’s NOT about being a sexual deviant who places an all-important stock on the physical aspect of our union – it’s just INCLUDING it as a necessary part.

If YOU don’t need sex for YOUR relationship to work, then kudos to you for knowing what drives your dating success, but don’t you DARE believe for one second that because that works FOR YOU, it’s the ONLY way ANYONE else can form a successful romance. But here’s the funny part: When these people talk about sex DIMINISHING love, they are giving us more of an insight into THEIR shortcomings than OUR own.

This Is Your Conscience

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