Hating On “Light-Skinned” Blacks Doesn’t Make YOU More Black

As I was surfing the internet the other day, I came across wedding pictures of Dirk Nowitzki and his Kenyan born bride Jessica Olsson. The couple looked absolutely in love, with them both dressed in traditional Kikuyu garments during the ceremony. As I scrolled down to read the comment section to hear people gush about the pics, I saw one comment that had over 50 likes which troubled the sh*t out of me. It read:

“The African American ballers go after whites and light skinned ladies while this white man fell in love with a black woman…Congrats Dirk!”

And as I read that I instantly cringed, because as much as I’m all for the propagation of “Black” love, I found it very insulting and crass that all of a damn sudden, the struggles of “light-skinned ladies” seems to be equal and on par with that of white women. This is incredibly disrespectful because it completely disregards ANY struggle that other Black people go through, which is pretty hilarious because that seems to be the one thing that ultimately UNITES is, even if some of us have it harder than others.

But what I found even funnier about this comment is the fact that we as Black people are complete IDIOTS when it comes to defining “Blackness” [which is why we shouldn’t even try in the first damn place]. The commenter was bigging up Dirk for marrying a Black woman who wasn’t light-skinned or white, predicated on the assumption that she is born of all-Black heritage – which she is NOT. Jessica IS a biracial woman (her father is a white Swedish man), yet she has the ability to LOOK different shades, as MANY Black people do. And THIS is why hating on “light skinned” Black people is not only incredibly childish, but ridiculously anti-intellectual.

The poster who made the comment above was not only ignorant, but was starving for Black “Brownie points” that they could use to gain favour from other Black commenters – which is exactly what they received. Their mission is to do with Blackness, what Sara Palin tries to do with America – establish a TRUE representation of the word, making everyone else’s struggles seemingly expendable. She use to travel the conservative south and state that “this is the REAL America” as if the rest of the country did not deserve her patriotism. That’s what corny Black folks are doing every time we label “light skinned” Black folks as separate from “OUR” struggle, when fortunately or unfortunately for them, they are NOT.

T.J. Holmes

Let me drive my point home like this – meet T.J. Holmes, a former CNN anchor and easily verifiable “light-skinned” brother. Holmes made news Monday when he was stopped by police – two blocks away from his home in Atlanta – without being given ANY reason as to why he was pulled over. In a fit of rage he tweeted about “being pulled over while Black” and how he was given no indication that he actually broke any law. Moments later the cop insisted that he pulled him over to check if he had insurance – but we all know it was to check to see what this high-yella negroe was doing OUTSIDE the hood.

The truth is being a person of colour is difficult no matter WHAT shade, and disregarding the trials and tribulations “light-skinned” Blacks go through is nothing more than a testament to the Crabs In A Barrel mentality.

This Is Your Conscience

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