If You’re STRIVING To Be Famous For NOTHING – You’re An IDIOT

“Lifestyles of the broke and famous
Let you know how crazy this game is
Look at all the new beautiful faces
At home supermodel, Myspacers
Long for their shot on the TV screens
American Idol never seen these dreams
Just last week they want to see ID
Now they got you in VIP, huh?
How many people almost famous
You almost remember what they name is
Like “Hey, didn’t you play in..? No it couldn’t be, quit playin”
Try to keep that balance
After MTV that’s a Real World Challenge
Back on that train
Never to be heard from again.”

– Kanye West “US Placers”

A couple days ago I went on an a pretty epic Twitter-rant that was spurred by a picture I saw someone I followed post – it was a flyer for an event called “The Instagram Party” which was hosted by a bunch of Instagram celebs, which is arguably one of the LAMEST pieces of sh*t I’ve ever encountered in my time on this planet. A party celebrating being famous on INSTAGRAM which is essentially just a celebration of big booty bucket-heads, cleavage-heavy clowns, 6-pack stunting looseballs, fake-ass foodies taking pictures of their Nacho Supremes and jackasses who take pictures of sunsets off their balcony using a grainy filter with their iPhones thinking that makes them legit photographers.

Now understand my objection: I’m NOT saying there’s anything wrong with striving to be FAMOUS – but there’s A LOT F*^KED UP about trying to acquire fame for doing absolutely NOTHING. That not only makes you an idiot, it means that you are also wilfully USELESS. You actually DESIRE to NOT have any discernible talent, skill, or use to society because, in YOUR mind, as long as someone, somewhere admires you just for the sake of being you, then you have achieved EVERYTHING you could have hoped for. That’s not only sad, but it’s equally pathetic.

There was a time when being famous was about being recognized for a unique talent or skill. I don’t give a damn whether that skill is leading nations as a politician, being an actress [in anything from Feature Films to pr0n flicks], making great music or just making it clap in the background of music videos, but the point was attaining notoriety for SOMETHING that SOMEONE finds useful [no matter how pathetic]. Hell, I have desired critical acclaim for my writing ever since I was 9 years old because whether I was making people laugh, cry or think, I ultimately viewed my writing as my TALENT [dispute my HS years when I questioned the amount of nani literary pursuits would result in].

But the two worst things about TODAY’S desire for unworthy fame is the fact that these idiots not only overlook pursuing their TRUE talent just to TRY and be popular for how they look, or how fat your ass is, or their inane and pointless ability at reposting pictures [FYI: owning a Tumblr account doesn’t automatically make you a BLOGGER – it makes you a c*nt who just reposts other peoples work], but it’s the fact that so many people tie their SELF-WORTH into their popularity. It’s THESE people who don’t understand that fame is fleeting, but family and good friends are forever.

Listen, go out, use whatever talent you have and try to, AT THE VERY LEAST, be famous for THAT – but if you want to gain respect based on your E-fame which is comprised of NOTHING useful, you’re a troglodyte.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience