Is It EVER OK To Take The Law Into Your OWN Hands To Protect Your Child?

A couple of days ago me and some folks online had a HUGE debate about THIS video:

The interesting thing about the debate was how it was mostly split along gender lines. Most of the women’s initial response was “GOOD, I’d beat his punk-ass too!” while most of the men responded “He deserves his ass beat – IF he really did it.” So there was no controversy over whether or not the coach deserved a cricket-bat upside his skull, but the REAL argument was over ‘due process.’ Many of the women felt that the child’s word SHOULD be all the evidence anyone really needs to know what truly happened, where most men felt like some external investigation was needed BEFORE boots were applied up anal-cavities, because it would be F*^KED-UP to hulk-smash the wrong dude.

What I found incredible about this debate [and what many of you may find equally amusing] is that I didn’t say ONE word for the ENTIRE debate. I literally sat back and took in every side in a rare moment of speechlessness. And the fact is I’m STILL speechless about this in terms of coming up with a concrete ideology.

On one hand, I feel for the mother in the story and I appreciate how she reacted by immediately believing her kids, and whooping ass in their name. God only knows what sort of psychological effects could have arisen if she questioned the kids, and sent them right back to school to get molested all over again. In fact, I could see myself reacting with blind rage in this scenario too.

But on the other hand, that “What IF” regarding the accused parties innocence is a BIG IF. It’s possible that law enforcement could run a more effective and thorough investigation on him than I EVER could – but then there’s the chance they don’t run a substantive case at all [Jerry Sandusky & Penn State, anyone?].

So this is a debate I’m turning to y’all: Do you think this mother was WRONG or RIGHT for beating down that coach?

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