It Is NOT Black People’s DUTY To Support Gay Rights

I recently watched an interesting video on Youtube that sparked a ferocious debate between me and a few strangers online the other day. As many of you already know, the battle between the LGBT community and Chick-fil-a has greatly intensified all due in part to the company’s president Dan Cathy, coming out and publicly taking an anti-gay-marriage stance. This entire issue has made me LAUGH my ASS off at the abject STUPIDITY on both sides, but the part that made me upset is when people constantly repeat the ideology that it “makes no sense” for Black people to support Chick-fil-a because we should UNDERSTAND and EMPATHIZE with their struggle. Every time I hear that bullish*t argument, the only thing I can think is:

Here’s the video I saw that triggered the debate this weekend:

Look, let me be VERY clear about this: I fully support Gay marriage and I think anyone who opposes a union, that will literally have NO effect on their lives, is absolutely ridiculous. I am happy that Chick-fil-a manned-up and stated their anti-Gay leanings so I know NOT to be a patron in any of their restaurants and keep it moving. I do not support Dan Cathy’s definition of marriage and I’m frankly disturbed that they contribute so much money to Anti-Gay marriage foundations. But here’s the thing: My objection is solely predicated on what I believe is right as a HUMAN BEING – not a Black man.

As much as I’m proud of my skin colour, it does NOT define my intellectual and impassioned leanings in ANY way, shape or form, nor does it have an overtly important impact on my morals, values and perspectives on life. Like any other man or woman on this planet, I am a fully-functioning human being endowed with the ability to reason, discern and pontificate on any issue under the sun, and the impetus of my opinions is based MORESO on my characteristics that too many IDIOTS on the left want to ignore: My faith [agnostic theist], my political leanings [center-left], and my upbringing [strong traditional family values blended against a backdrop of believing everyone should have equal rights in all circumstances]. This system of beliefs is defined by me as a DAMN man – not a Black man.

When I saw the picture above of all these Black people holding up Chick-fil-a bags, the first thing I thought was “I bet you some ninjas gonna wipe they greasy ass hands in the pews and get chicken gravy all over Leviticus” but moral outrage was NOT part of that. But some folk look at that picture and get RILED up and start screaming that Black people should “be ashamed of themselves” for not standing with the Gay community. Well to anyone who would even UTTER that BS, let me simply say, please STOP equating Gay rights with Civil rights. I’m NOT going to go over the tired argument of how much of a false-bullsh*t-equivalency it is (because it’s covered ad nauseum in the Black blogosphere), but JUST-STOP.

More importantly, I will ask LIBERALS in particular to stop insulting the intelligence of Black people, stop trying to shame-guilt Black people and more importantly stop acting as if we ALWAYS must share the same collective conscience. Just like white people, asian people, latino people, men, women, children, gays, lesbians, and any other denomination of people in the world – we are a collection of individuals with our own unique perspectives on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. We are NOT soldiers who MUST fall in line to your cause because we can relate on a much larger scale, nor are we mentally-undeveloped puppets who need to be told the difference between left and RIGHT.

“You mad sissy?!”

Fighting for Gay Marriage is a nobel and worthy cause – but that ideology must be imparted on others on the grounds of it’s moral correctness. It’s just the RIGHT thing to do. But if you are going to treat a large, diverse and unique community as a monolithic entity than you don’t DESERVE the respect you want, simply because of your arrogance, ignorance and hubris.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience