Rape Victims Can Do WHATEVER They Want With THEIR Own Bodies

“Look on the bright side: Since you’re pregnant, it means that horrific rape you experienced wasn’t even legitimate!”

This past weekend I was having a lot of politically-motivated debates with my friends here [In Canada], in the U.S. and even back home in Barbados. We were trying to analyze why the conservative party in the United States seems to so much more vile, inane, hateful and anti-intellectual than any other conservative movement in other leading countries. It was hard to zero in on an all-encompassing answer, but we all could agree that the conservative movement REALLY needed to be hi-jacked away from the NUTS, by the few smart people left in that party before they do irreparable damage – and then Todd Akin opened his big, ignorant, good-for-sh*t-all mouth.

For those who don’t know Todd Akin and have not heard his recent comments, allow me to bring you up to speed. In an interview with KTVI-TV on Sunday, the GOP Senate nominee was asked if he supported abortion in the case of rape – and he said THIS:

So essentially his argument is this: ‘If a woman gets violently raped, has her safety and security stripped from her, and is beaten, maimed and intrusively invaded in the most private of ways, we need to look out for the REAL victim in this whole thing – her unborn, undeveloped embryo.’

Emotional manipulation at it’s finest…

Got it.

Well, allow me to proffer another possible solution to that ignorant, despicable and abhorrent garbage: How about we promote the ideology that rape victims can do WHATEVER the HELL they want with their own bodies, prior to, and especially AFTER, they have been savagely attacked.

I already don’t really care what anyone’s stance is on being pro-choice and pro-life, but to make that a relevant and important matter directly after a woman has been raped is the height of DOUCHE-BAGGERY. The whole “let’s look at rape as LEMONS and rape-babies as LEMONADE” theory is disgusting and flat-out F*^KED UP.

And the idea that pregnancy is some small feat that a woman simply must take some time out of her day to endure is to compare pregnancy to a F*^KING route-canal. Pregnancy is a LIFE-ALTERING change filled with some unpleasant moments, but what makes those moments cute, funny and memorable is the fact that she is either A) going through those ups-and-downs with the person she loves, or b) is happy to be bringing that life into the world. If a woman is forcibly penetrated and impregnated, chances are she is devoid of EITHER scenario, making the pregnancy nothing more than a constant replay of her terrifying and violating sexual-assault. Therefore, if she CHOOSES to abort her pregnancy for HER own sake, how the hell can ANY of us criticize her for that, when only SHE has to live through it?

It’s very easy to say a woman should just carry a baby after she’s raped, but it’s an entirely different story when you take a peak into her life and analyze it’s condition BEFORE the rape. How many women are waiting for marriage before they have kids, or are too busy with their professional and scholastic lives to focus on children? How many women have already found the man they want to have kids with, but are waiting for the right moment? How many women already have children they need to take care of, possibly on their own? How many women have so much going on in their lives that a pregnancy would do nothing but set them back in more ways than one?

THESE are the true VICTIMS of rapeNOT embryos passed along by a piece of sh*t rapist.

This Is Your Conscience

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