So Nike Has To Stop Selling Expensive Shoes To Help YOUR Finances?!

Yesterday I came across one of the most upsetting, angering and frustrating stories I’ve read THIS year. Apparently, this fall Nike plans to release the “Lebron X” sneaker [pictured above] for $315 making it the most expensive shoe in Nike history. Upon hearing this, the National Urban League [i.e. the Skip Bayless’ of community organizations] decided to GO IN on Nike for charging so much for shoes which “encourages” parents to spend their money on a worthless symbol of materialism instead of something more substantive to their children’s needs. Sorry N.U.L. but your argument is 1000% BULLSH*T.

Please take a moment to read the RIDICULOUS statement these jackasses put out:

“I ask Nike – and the parents whose children are targeted in this misdirected campaign – to join us in our efforts to empower young people to value their own talents – athletic and otherwise – above material tokens and work together for broader access to the economic mainstream. To release such an outrageously overpriced product while the nation is struggling to overcome an unemployment crisis is insensitive at best.”

Dear N.U.L., you do NOT speak on behalf of anyone except your anti-intellectual selves, so PLEASE don’t try and trap me in a maze of your ridiculous logic as if you are doing ANY good with this “cause.” Here’s the reality of the situation: It is NOT Nike’s job to restrict or hamper their bottom line in order to make every one of their products more available for every different socioeconomic class. Why you ask? Because the decision to purchase ULTIMATELY lies with the CONSUMER – and in THIS case, the PARENTS – and it’s THEIR damn job to NOT buy sh*t they CAN’T afford [regardless of what their kids want].

The ideology that simply by releasing this shoe, Nike has done harm to poor and inner-city communities is ridiculously anti-intellectual, because it literally places NO form of discernible intelligence in the people who this shoe is being MARKETED to. It turns poor families into simple-minded PEONS without the capability to balance their check book, and then PLACES the blame for said PEONS irresponsibility, firmly in Nike’s hands.

Y’all can MISS ME with that STUPID SH*T.

If the N.U.L. really wanted to release an intelligent and meaningful message, they should have wrote something like this [even though they should have been minding their damn business on this issue]:

Dear Nike,

Please help us and all parents located in inner city communities, tasked with the difficult job of raising young adults in a tough economic climate, to financially empower our youth by providing them access to meaningful knowledge. Our collective communities have been thoroughly supporting your company since the Jumpman logo first appeared, and we would love your participation in helping us establish courses on financial literacy that could teach kids the value of your shoes as well as the intrinsic value of a dollar.

Something along those lines would have been COOL, but to lash out at a sneaker company for releasing an overpriced shoe, AND THEN using the inner-city as a shield to MASK your hating, is simply ignorant. All families [rich and poor] all over North America need to LEARN how to manage their finances in these tough-ass times, and we aren’t helping ANYBODY by attempting to limit access to overpriced items. If you want to REALLY help people, explain to them how eating too many cookies will make them SICK – not just moving the cookie jar and hoping they don’t find a way to get one.

This Is Your Conscience

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