TIYC Presents: The 52 Week Pledge [I Challenge YOU To Get CLOSER To Your Dreams]

Around this time last year, I was running this blog, coordinating events, creating a book proposal and embarking on the beginning of a public speaking career – ALL while working full time. Writing and Public Speaking are my PASSIONS, but sitting in a cubicle for 45+ hours a week to make ends meet was the reality of my life – and just like many people attempting to chase their dreams, if a potential stepping stone to the future I desired was met by the road block of responsibility, I acquiesced to the thing preventing me from doing what I wanted. I rationalized my behaviour by stating ‘this is just how life is’ and kept pushing my dreams further in the future, not knowing that I was actually pushing them closer to extinction.

But the further I pushed my dreams away, the unhappier I became and that unhappiness began to bleed it’s way into every facet of my life. I couldn’t be a good boyfriend, a good son, a good brother or a good friend because I was extremely hampered by the thought that all my dreams were dying and there was nothing I could do. But then I realized something that changed my life immensely:

No matter what obstacles stand in my way, I am the author of my future – and if I don’t achieve my dreams, NO Excuse is needed because it’s nobodies fault but my own.

After coming to this realization I began pushing myself harder than ever before. Here was my Monday-Friday schedule:

8 AM: Wake-up
9 AM: Start commute
10:45 AM: End commute/Write On Train/Arrive at work
7:45 PM: Leave work/Start commute home/Write On Train
9:30 PM: Arrive home
9:45-11 PM: Social Media Interaction/Check E-mail
11 PM – 12 AM: Gym
12 AM – 5 AM: Update Blog/Social Media Postings/Send Email
5 AM – 6 AM: Read E-book on entrepreneurial studies/motivation/blogging/speaking/book writing/etc.
6 AM – 8 AM: Sleep

Some of you may think I’m making this up, but I have MANY people who can attest to the fact that I averaged 10-12 hours of sleep from Sunday night to Thursday night. I don’t say this to brag or to act like a tough guy, I say this because as much as I realize my motivation was cool, it wasn’t focused as well as it COULD have been. I was working HARD, but I wasn’t working SMART. I didn’t learn HOW to chase my dreams more intelligently until I met like-minded people who helped keep me focused, motivated and energized. As much progress as I believe I’ve made, I KNOW there’s A LOT of room for improvement and I’ll be DAMNED if I wait until New Years Eve just to update my Facebook status to “2013 is MY year!”.

So today, Wednesday August 29th, 2012, as someone who is STILL trying to get better at not allowing my dream to dissipate into darkness, I’m asking you for YOUR HELP – and in return, I want to HELP you the SAME exact way, so here’s what I propose:

The 52-Week Pledge – A Challenge For YOU To Get Closer To YOUR Dreams No Matter WHAT

The pledge is simple – but the challenge is NOT. I want everyone willing to be a part of this endeavour to swear RIGHT NOW [not tomorrow, not tonight after your meeting, or next week after your schedule at work/school is less hectic] that you will spend the next 52 weeks relentlessly chasing your dream. My personal motto is “Everyday is an opportunity” and we all going to embody the spirit of that message by making sure that EVERY week is a SUBSTANTIAL leap forward, towards the end goal of achieving our dreams. That doesn’t mean that we will all accomplish this goal, but we DAMN SURE will be a LOT further along than we EVER could on our own.

How you ask?


I want everyone interested in doing this challenge with me to write in the comment section below what your goal is, and it can be ANYTHING from opening up a store, to getting your masters to being a better husband. No dream is too small. But I don’t just want you to comment about your own dream, I want you to reply to at least ONE other person’s comment so you can make sure to hold THAT person accountable. Because this is my idea and I’m really motivated to get this idea going, I will DEFINITELY be holding everyone who comments accountable for chasing their dream, and although I don’t expect the same from all of you, if you can help ONE person be accountable it will be a monumental feat in giving them the courage and focus we ALL need.

Each Wednesday of the next 52 weeks, every single ONE of us [including myself] must state ONE important and necessary thing we did in the past 7 days to make our dream a reality. Our accountability partner(s) will then ask us the following:

– How did your actions bring you closer to your goal?

– Did you HONESTLY do everything in your power to progress your dreams this past week? How could you have done more?

– What is your plan to progress your goals in the next  7 days?

My hope for this idea, is that every week we will help each other push past the distractions, the frustrations and the occasional isolation we face travelling down this road we sometimes feel we are on alone.

I really hope this doesn’t come off as corny and contrived, because the reality is I DO need YOUR help to stay focused and motivated, and I’m more than willing to return the favour. As much as I wish this pledge could touch everyone, I’m more than prepared that it may only touch 5 or 10 people, but believe me when I say if that’s all, I will MORE than cherish that 5 or 10 and we can work together to push ourselves towards the life that we not only want, but the life we DESERVE.

This Is Your Conscience


When Lincoln Anthony Blades is not writing for his controversial and critically acclaimed blog ThisIsYourConscience.com, he can be found contributing articles for Uptown Magazine. Lincoln wrote the hilarious and insightful book "You're Not A Victim, You're A Volunteer: How To Stop Letting Love Kick Your Ass". He is also a public speaker who has sat on panels all over North America and the Caribbean.