Y’all Can Miss Me With All This BS Condi Rice Praise

There were many speeches at the Republican National Convention this year, but one reigned supreme over the rest and it was Condoleezza Rice’s. She was passionate, eloquent, personable and even nationalistically sentimental without being over-the-top contrite. Her speech drew immense praise from Republicans and even some liberals, swayed by her candour and charm – but her and her speech get NO praise from me. No matter how poignant someone can be, it doesn’t erase their anti-intellectualism and downright IGNORANCE on what’s going on in the world.

For those of you who wanted to see her speech in full, click below:

First off, the reason I don’t give a damn about her personality and charisma is because it’s NOT new to me. As someone who REFUSES to pledge a lifelong allegiance to ANY political party, I am unencumbered by irrational hate, therefore allowing me to see people for who they TRULY are, regardless of their politics. Condi is incredibly smart, motivated, multi-talented [giving the Queen a piano recital] and has a great sense of humour:

From everything I’ve heard about Condoleezza, she is a great woman and I’m more than inclined to believe that she’s probably cool as hell – but seeing that her country is so embattled by such polarizing issues, aligning herself with the party that unapologetically hates and legislates everything she intrinsically is, makes her a coward.

Her tale about her parents growing up in the south and allowing her to believe she could one day be president of the U.S.A. was inspirational – but now she’s advocating a party that would have tried it’s DAMNEDEST to prevent HER parents from even being able to participate in an election. This push to suppress “Voter Fraud” is nothing more than an attempt by Republican politicians governing Republican states, to keep black voters [who statistics prove will be affected more by these new rules than anyone else and who typically vote Democrat] away from the polls – and it’s on schedule to work like a charm:

No amount of Condi’s charisma can get my applause for backing the party that is actively and openly promoting racist laws.

Condi actually went up on that podium and advocated people vote Republican just a week after Todd Akin’s freudian slip about “legitimate” rape, in the midst of conservatives ongoing war against women and their bodies. In regards to this massive gaffe, the greatest trick the Republicans ever pulled was convincing the public that Akin’s views were NOT shared by other members of the party, when that was clearly a LIE. Hell, the party’s nominee for Vice-President, Paul Ryan, had co-sponsored a bill with Akin regarding rape laws. As much as these issues are not necessarily new, the tone of these discussions about women and their choices around their bodies has recently turned particularly nasty from the Sandra Fluke is a “slut” debacle up until now – yet Condi FIRMLY throws her support behind them – which is abject cowardice.

Listen, Condoleezza Rice is NOT some idiot tea-bagger lacking the intellectual capacity to contain her emotional fervour over the president’s perceived kenyan-bred anti-Americanism. This is a woman who mastered the piano at age 3, entered college at 15, attained three degrees including a doctorate in political science and then went on to hold the highest position in a presidential cabinet that any Black woman has ever had. Not only is she incredibly smart, but she IS well versed on racial affairs. Her childhood friend, Denise McNair, was one of the four little girls murdered in the Birmingham Church bombing in 1963, famously documented by Spike Lee. She KNOWS better – and if she doesn’t begin to act better, she will become this:

Crazy-ass Mia Love

Meet Mia Love. She is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and the 2012 Republican Party nominee for the United States House of Representatives in Utah’s 4th congressional district – oh and she is also a Black, Female mormon, born in Brooklyn to Haitian immigrant parents [take a second to REALLY digest that sentence]. Everything she campaigns AGAINST [i.e. immigration assistance, eliminating student loan programs, and Black political organizations] embody MOST of what she ACTUALLY is. Although I’d argue she’s mostly an IDIOT.

Oh, and just in case you ever wondered what Mormon’s think of Black people and women:

Now explain how Condi is any better?

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