2012 NFL Week One Review: Did The ‘Skins LUCK Out With RG3?!

The stupidest thing you can do to analyze a young quarterback is rely strictly on the numbers he puts up early in the season to determine how good or bad he’s doing. The reality is, there are many different variable that lead to a QB’s early success or struggles that can INFLATE how well he’s actually playing [Roethlisberger in 2004] or underrate how well he’s doing [Peyton Manning in 1998]. But there is ONE intangible quality that you can definitively use to determine how well a young QB is doing: POISE – and Robert Griffin the Third has that in abundance.

1) RGIII Has “IT” – And So Does LUCK

RG3 looked like a BAWSE against the Saints: He went 19 for 26 and passed for 320 yards, 2 TD’s and 0 interceptions. He became the first QB in NFL history to throw for 300 or more yards in winning his NFL debut. With that said, it would be remiss of me to not mention how Andrew Luck played, knowing that they will forever be linked together because they went 1 and 2 in the draft. Luck didn’t have a statistically successful day in the Colts loss to the Bears, but it SHOULD be noted that he played well also, against a MUCH stiffer D. I think the Colts and the ‘Skins both LUCKED out because they have franchise QB’s they can build their teams around for the next decade.

2) The BUCS Will Be The Surprise Team Of The Year

Ever since the start of the summer I have been predicting that Tampa Bay was going to be the SURPRISE team of the year in the NFL for 2012 and everyone called me crazy. But they quietly had an AMAZING off-season by adding go-to-guy Vincent Jackson, a good corner in Eric Wright, a dominant offensive guard in Carl Nicks, a talented RB in Doug Martin, a skilled TE in Dallas Clark and drafted Mark Barron (the dude laying out Steve Smith above) as their new BEASTLY safety. I KNEW They would beat the Panthers, and DON’T be surprised if they give the Falcons a good run to win the NFC South.

3) This Is The Year Julio Jones Becomes ELITE

After flashes of brilliance last year, Julio started 2012 by catching 6 passes for 108 yards and 2 TD’s in Atlanta’s win over Kansas City. Roddy White is still a beast BUT I think it’s safe to say Julio is being prepped to be the man right now.

4) Peyton Is BACK And The Broncos MIGHT Be Contenders

I was VERY skeptical when I heard Sports Illustrated’s Peter King state that the Denver Broncos would be making it to this years Super Bowl, but [not to be TOO reactive] I GET what he was saying. They have a solid running game, a GREAT defence, a DOMINANT offensive line, and NOW a GREAT QB, instead of inaccurate-ass Tebow. They MIGHT have what it takes to win a watered down AFC.

5) Eagle’s Fans: It’s Time To Panic

There’s only ONE word that I can think of to describe Philly’s win in Cleveland: LUCKY. Vick played terrible and threw for 4 picks and the offence was largely lethargic for most of the game. Here’s the problem: They are in the TOUGHEST division in the NFL and that sorry-ass effort is NOT gonna get it done. They need to get their sh*t together, because it only gets tougher after barely scraping by the Browns.

6) Jet’s Fans: RELAX

While Philly fans can overreact, y’all Jets fans need to calm the hell down. Stop with the Super Bowl predictions and ‘Mark Sanchez for MVP’ proclamations – you just beat the BILLS – in week one. Next week you have to play the Steelers and then in week four you have the Niners and week five, the Texans. Let’s wait until AFTER week 5 to make grandiose statements about how your team is gonna do this year.

7) Stop Judging A QB’s WHOLE Career In ONE Game

3 interceptions. This is how a pathetic QB’s career gets off to a start right? A 58.6 passer rating in your first game as a NFL pro is sorry right? Watching your team get beat by more than a TD in your first start is unacceptable correct? Well, it seems most of you would agree and want to LYNCH Brandon Weeden, Ryan Tannehill and Russell Wilson for their subpar performances this Sunday. I say, give them some more TIME to actually play and make mistakes, grow and learn, and eventually develop – abut if they DON’T then it’s perfectly fine to crucify them. Just know this: Peyton Manning threw 3 interceptions, had a 58.6 passer rating, and lost his first game by 9 points in his NFL debut – and he turned out to be pretty good.

Monday Night Football Prediction: {Current Record 0-0}

My two favourite teams are playing so I’m trying not to be TOO biased, but here goes:

I have the RAVENS beating the BENGALS in a close game.

I also, have my RAIDERS winning a VERY close game over the CHARGERS.

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