If H0ES Are Winning Out Here – Most LADIES Ain’t HELPING

This is Joe Budden’s Twitter pic – wearing his girls pubes as a mustache..

Anyone who has been reading this blog for at least a year will probably be aware of the fact that Joe Budden is one of my favourite rappers of all-time – although he CONSTANTLY collects a lot of personal L’s. So when I saw this pic of him on Twitter Saturday night, I instantly felt a shiver down my spine, because I got HYPE as hell knowing that Joey was gonna release some BANGING music now that he’s in another, fully dysfunctional, public relationship with another big-booty freak who will inevitably do some h0e-type sh*t that will break his heart and have him running to the studio [like Red running to his car after Debo stole his chain in Friday] to record some classic “mood music.”

But that wasn’t even the notable part of this pic, it was the REACTION that many [and I mean MANY] females showed me in regards to this picture. My initial reaction was swift and to-the-point: Joey is out here attention whoring in these E-streets to drum up some attention, which is cool since it might make his H0E get some fame and attention and possibly climb onto the D-list and create a career for herself. When I voiced this to MANY groups of women that night on and offline, I was surprised at the backlash I received for suggesting that the chick spread-eagled with a tongue buried in her nani on Twitter in front of 576,000 followers was a H0E, and anything LESS than a queen. That night I realized that the H0E/Lady line has definitely moved in the WRONG direction – and it’s many of the LADIES out here who are pushing it.

Now for the record, I was not asking former strippers, current prostitutes and the cast of Basketball Wives for their opinion on Joe Budden’s Twitpic – I was speaking with the SAME ladies I ALWAYS congregate with – the SAME ladies who always ask me sh*t like: “Why aren’t there more GENTLEMEN out here?” And who complain about things like “Chivalry is DEAD” and “these BOYS don’t know how to be gentlemen anymore!” Well, “ladies” I have news for you:

If you think GENTLEMEN are a dying breed, you should take a second to really look at your fellow women, because REAL LADIES are just as hard to find.

Joe’s H0E – collecting W’s out in these streets

The simple fact that I could NOT agree with ANY of these young women that this chick’s actions were H0E-ish, lets me know that THEIR definition of LADY-LIKE has dropped lower, faster than Coolio’s record sales. I always figured that when we talked about the line that separates skeezers and “all the ladies in the place with style and grace” was simple tastefulness and decorum. I thought it was obvious WHY we canonized women like Claire Huxtable, Jill Scott, Michelle Obama, Nancy Hicks Maynard, Coretta Scott-King and Anika Noni-Rose as classy women and subsequently differentiated them from Superhead and Pinky. The former were ladies and the latter, well, simply were NOT.

Now obviously this distinction is not an EASY or OBVIOUS one, hence the creation of the constantly teetering line, but is it REALLY so insane to believe that displaying your salad getting tossed on a popular social media site is h0e-type sh*t [her AND him]?! I don’t want to sound like a judgmental DOUCHEBAG so I’m honestly asking that, because from what my homegirls are telling me, I AM insane to make that connection. They all professed how sexy, attractive and even romantic it is for Joe to put up that pic. They talked about her being sexually confident and mature enough with her body to have the great confidence to post that. But mostly these women were PISSED that I found something WRONG with her actions – but they didn’t GET IT. I find NOTHING wrong with her acting the way she did – what I found ALARMING was the fact that women are ready and willing to say her actions were fine and dandy in the ladylike handbook. It’s YOU “ladies” I’m taking issue with – not HER.

Now it’s NOT my belief that every woman should STRIVE to fit into society’s limited patriarchal perception of what encompasses a “lady” but if you really think posting pics of your nani online is LADY-LIKE then I guess h0es really ARE winning out here – and ladies, every time you co-sign h0e-type sh*t you help blur that line almost into nonexistence.

This Is Your Conscience

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