New R&B Podcast [Sep 09/12]: “There Ain’t A DAMN Thing Wrong With Being Single”

This weeks podcast is VERY special and VERY important to me because I have a few VERY important announcements to make regarding my life and career. Also, I will be touching on the Democratic National Convention, why it’s OK to be single and why it’s NOT OK to be frowsy and ignorant on Facebook.

First and foremost, I have HUGE news [that I just received AFTER recording this podcast]: This R&B Podcast has been added to iTunes!

You can check out my iTunes channel by clicking on this link:

Now, with that said, I want to introduce you ALL to the beautiful, intelligent and hilarious new member of the R&B Podcast, Jessica L Simien.

Check out her blog site and get more familiar with her:

And let me know if you’re feeling the Doobie Brothers tune “What A Fool Believes”.

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