People Are Actually Still CONFUSED About Where Cheating STARTS? WHY?!

Last night me and my long-time friend had a long discussion about our Boy who got cheated on by his girlfriend. As with most women, she decided against just bucking up with a random dude one night and getting her nani Pacquiao’d into submission, and decided to be courted by the young man as if she was truly a single woman. Now my friend, who is back with her, feels she is WRONG for cheating and he maintains that she wouldn’t have been able to actually physically CHEAT on him, if he paid her a little more attention and caught the early signs that she was unhappy and looking for love, appreciation and affection with another man – but he DOESN’T realize that cheating doesn’t start at being PHYSICAL, it starts at being CLANDESTINE.

To act CLANDESTINE is to do something secretively, or hiding something from someone while sharing it with someone else. The SECOND a man or woman acts CLANDESTINELY in a relationship they have officially cheated. Anyone who thinks cheating starts and ends with the physical manifestation of touching, licking, sucking, eating, or boning someone else is an IDIOT, because that’s simply just the FULFILLMENT of cheating. The second that frowsy bastard started doing hidden actions to put the wheels in motion that eventually led to all that touching, licking, sucking, eating and boning he/she was CHEATING.

What most people don’t understand is that being faithful means to honour and live in the SPIRIT of monogamy. Once you STOP acting in that spirit, you have now OFFICIALLY began to CHEAT. If you PLOT to cheat and act on it, hidden in the cloak of darkness, you have CHEATED. If you propositioned another person to get it in, REGARDLESS of if they agree or not, you have CHEATED. To be in a relationship means you respect the SPIRIT of monogamy, and that entails NOT taking hidden steps to pursue musty nani/richard on the side without your significant other knowing.

Now there are some people who call themselves flirts, and even THAT’S OK, because I’ve always felt that people should keep other people of the opposite sex liking them, just to keep you on top of your game and not fall off. But there is NO reason you can’t do that and need to HIDE it from your significant other, because it’s all essentially harmless and pointed fun.

But if you love to “FLIRT” and keep your woman/man completely ignorant about it, you are just being Barry Bonds, The Bonds Theory is this: “If you truly didn’t know your actions were wrong, then why did you hide and do it?” Bonds said he didn’t ‘know’ he was getting steroids pumped into him, yet he made a point of taking them at places no one could find him or trace where he bought them from. It’s the SAME in a relationship, because if you don’t KNOW you are doing something wrong, then why are you doing it in a way that is overt to your partner?

Cheating does NOT start at getting physical, because if it truly did, then how would you explain a man who decides to step out on his woman by calling up an old flame, and on the way to her house after he just bought a brand new box of Magnum’s and vividly described how many multiples he was going to give her on the phone, accidentally swerves out of control and hits a pole. So now he CAN”T make it to his jump-offs house to cut it up, so does that mean he didn’t cheat because he never got to be up inside her, even though he was saying and acting quite reckless?

How can you have a woman who arranges a date with a dude behind her man’s back, dolls herself up and baby powders her softest place on earth and makes sure she is trimmed and lined up for Joe Grind, and then gets to his house and starts to give him the sexiest stripper show ever – until the fire alarm in the Condo gets pulled and everyone has to evacuate, and say to me that THAT’S not cheating. YES IT OBVIOUSLY IS.

Look, we can argue about where cheating starts all day, but the fact is, if reading this makes you think that relationship’s have too many rules, I will say this: If you don’t like it than just be single – or risk this:

This Is Your Conscience

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