The 52 Week Pledge: Are You Truly FOCUSED On Your Goal? [Week 1]

When I started this challenge last Wednesday, I was hoping to get a couple of people on board to take this journey with me so we can help each other through the good times and the inevitable bad times, but instead of a few people, 31 of you decided to take this pledge and agree to chase your dreams right along with me. Once again, not to sound corny as hell, but not only am I pleasantly shocked and surprised, but I’m amazed at how open, honest and lucid many of you were in describing your dreams and the barriers you think may stand in your way.

Every single week of this challenge I will be posting the ORIGINAL 52 week link so we ALL can refer back to the source of our pledges when we need to CHECK someone and make sure they are doing what they said they would – But MORE importantly, we can see if we ALL remember EXACTLY what we pledged to do and if our day-to-day FOCUS is driving us in the RIGHT direction towards our dreams. And that’s this weeks THEME and MINI CHALLENGE: Staying FOCUSED.


One of the best analogies my father ever gave me about focusing on completing a goal was regarding taking a trip. When you plan a trip somewhere we typically tend to plan in parts. We organize our ride to the airport, then the flight, then the transportation to the hotel and then we arrive at our destination. Each step requires a specific plan of actions that we meticulously attempt to execute BEFORE we reach our destination – but often we don’t plan our life goals like that. We constantly focus our view so much on the END result, which can be so seemingly far away it makes taking the FIRST step a daunting task. This week ALL of goals should be mastering a small, initial step on the way towards our BIG goal.

And that is what we ALL have to focus on for the next 7 days. We are ALL going to organize and execute a task we need to finish in order to get to step one of chasing our dreams. I don’t care if you are writing a book, and your first step is just installing Word onto your computer, I don’t care if you want to lose weight, and your first step is buying running shoes. Nothing is too big or too irrelevant. THIS is going to be our challenge this week.

One great thing I saw happen last week, is that some of us have very SIMILAR dreams or at least know people who can connect us to people who can help us. Please do NOT feel shy in networking with one another, because if we can help each other build, that would be an amazing thing. So when we are looking over each others posts and we’re holding each other accountable, feel free to look at everyone’s post and if you can add a HELPFUL suggestion or piece of information they can use, please feel free.

As always I’m very interested in hearing what your progress was between our initial posting and now, and please let’s hold each other accountable and give a firm dose of inspiration and tough love [not TOO tough – just yet] wherever we can.

This Is Your Conscience

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