The 52 Week Pledge: MAINTAIN Your MOTIVATION [Week Four]

This is what we ALL said when we began this journey – but where are you today…?

Believe it or not folks, we have officially completed MONTH ONE of the 52-Week Pledge. I’m sure some of us feel like we started this pledge AGES ago because our schedules became so much more busy, it just feels like we have been going non-stop day-in and day-out. On the other hand, some of us will look at this one-month mark as time-flying by because we didn’t get to achieve as much as we hoped we would by the end of the first month, and the fact that we are 1/12th through the challenge makes things get VERY real, because that sounds a LOT shorter than 52 weeks. But wherever you are in this pledge, the only way you will make it to the end successfully, is by maintaining the original motivation that you BEGAN this challenge with.


The reason I post that link above to the ORIGINAL challenge post every week is because I wholeheartedly want everyone to read it at least one a week to remember the motivation with which they chose to undertake this life-changing task. In fact, click on that link right now and go and read what many of the people wrote, and HOW emphatically they stated their goal. So many people were so INCREDIBLY ENERGIZED and INVIGORATED when taking the pledge that you could instantly tell this was of the UTMOST importance to them. Whether they wanted to lose weight, start a company, buy a house or just be a better significant other to their spouse, we were ALL ready to make a BIG difference in our lives and face all obstacles head on…

…But then life happens, and the real hills and valleys of chasing your dream, along with making ends meet, working a demanding job, dealing with unexpected tragedy all while trying to maintain some semblance of sanity, creates roadblocks to staying motivated. So three and four weeks after taking the pledge, some of us are just NOT as motivated in completing the end goal of realizing our dreams. And this is the moment, ONE month in, that you MUST remind yourself how much you OWE it to yourself to follow your dreams because you DESERVE it. So DON’T let your motivation wither away, because once THAT happens your dreams turn from a goal into a fantasy – an unrealistic improbability.

So one thing I want to do this week is for ALL of us to share ways to STAY motivated, based on what works for each of us. Personally, I use music to stay motivated that has messages central to me overcoming my obstacles, such as:

Believe it or not, this Young Jeezy [YES, Jeezy] song makes me want to complete every mind-numbing task I need to finish in order to get closer to my goals, with lyrics like:

“Got the weight of the world on my shoulders/
And I swear it feels like 10,000 boulders/
And it’s so heavy, but I’m so ready/
Feels like I was born for this/
If not, at least I die for it/
They said I couldn’t do it but I still try for it”

This Is Your Conscience

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