The 52 Week Pledge: YOUR Journey Is YOUR Responsibility [Week Three]

Last Thursday, a day after I posted the last challenge post, one of my friends asked me “how can you verify if the people who took this pledge are being HONEST about their goals?” and I really think my answer truly surprised him. I replied “I don’t care if anyone is telling the truth or not.” Now writing that let’s me see how he could think I was trying to be callous, but I wasn’t trying to be rude at all – just factual. There is literally NO WAY for me to verify if any of you are making the progress that you say you do, but it won’t change my perception of how I will respond to you, because if you really AREN’T being honest, the only person you’re hurting is yourself.


The truth is, your success at achieving your dream is really no one else’s main concern except YOURS. Your friends, family and all your loved ones would LIKE to see you happily achieve your goals, but as long as you are in good mental and physical health, they probably won’t have the same PASSION as YOU do to see you succeed. And that’s why I see the benefit in this challenge because it’s a group of people all selfishly and selflessly chasing our dreams, while supporting one another. We love reporting our achievements, hearing positive feedback and also giving good feedback where we can – but many of us DREAD having to report that we didn’t get what we wanted done, or we made little to no progress towards fulfilling our dreams – and it’s time to lose that attitude.

The one thing I want us all to be able to express this week, alongside our achievements, are any MISSED OPPORTUNITIES we had in the past few weeks. Not because we want to wallow in self-pity, but because we ALL go through it, and I think there are some 52-Week Pledgers who have encountered similar struggles and may have great tips on how to help us move forward. Some of you may not have hit the gym this week because things got busy, so feel free to share that, because we are all here to help. Some of you may not have worked on your entrepreneurial goals because your personal lives got hectic, so feel free to share that so someone can lend a helping hand.

As much as I LOVE cataloging my success with you all, I also want this to be a community where we can be open, honest and non-judgemental. But speaking of success, one of our pledgers, Jess, had the goal of singing publicly and wanted to start with making a Youtube video and seeing how it went. She was NERVOUS as HELL and considered not even posting it, but powered through and released THIS:

And I’m NOT trying to boost just because she’s really cool, a supporter of this site and pledging along with us, but I think she did an AMAZING job.

I wish y’all knew how much this group has inspired me in my own life.

This Is Your Conscience

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