We Need More Males Willing To Teach BOYS How To Be The MEN

I read TWO really interesting articles yesterday on the site Madame Noire. First, I read an article called “Why Men Need To Focus On Loving Women, Not Submission” by Brande Victorian, which was a great piece about the problem with two many men these days feeling ENTITLED to a woman’s submission, when they don’t know the FIRST THING about how to be the head of a household or even properly love and protect a woman. The next article I read was about Denzel Washington’s GQ interview where he talks about being around a lot of father figures who taught him, first hand, the good and bad about being a GROWN-ASS man. And it dawned on me, that we MAY be entering an age where the amount of BOYS out here, drastically outnumber the amount of able-bodied MEN we have to teach them.

Now I don’t want this to sound like an accusatory rant on who is responsible for the increase of broken homes and who is doing there jobs, and who’s not, because that conversation serves only to inflame, and misses the BIG point: Even though there have been fathers abandoning their sons since the beginning of fatherhood in EVERY community, there have always been a lot of REAL-MEN father figures who have been able to pick up the slack. But now it feels like we are entering into a stage where boys, who’ve had NO direction from father figures their entire lives, end up having kids of their own so young, and end up NEVER maturing. When I say there are a LOT of boys who need to be taught HOW to be men, don’t look at that as strictly a comment on young-dudes, because we live in a society with a lot of GROWN-ASS BOYS walking around, THINKING they’re men because they aren’t young anymore.

This is a start – but our BOYS need a LOT more…

But the truth is, we need more MALES willing to teach these BOYS how to be MEN, because there will NEVER be any qualitative hope for the continuation of a successful society without a greater accumulation of strong MEN. As much as I think Rick Santorum is a prejudicial DOUCHE, the one thing we can agree on is that a strong household creates a strong society and a strong society benefits everyone. But that strong household NEEDS a father FIGURE and our society needs to come to grips with the fact that we need MEN to teach BOYS how to be MEN – NOW. Because we are risking embarking on a time period where boys will continue to have more boys and men will become fossils and relics of a time past and forgotten.

Everyone has ideas and concepts on how men can be more involved in young boys lives, and I’m all for hearing them – as long as we don’t continue to propagate the ideology that ALL BOYS don’t need ANY male father-figure because that role can be replaced by their mothers. That’s too dangerous of an ideology to promote, and the fact is, it’s simply NOT working in our society TODAY.

This Is Your Conscience

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