As a young boy growing up into the somewhat young-man I am today, I have received a LOT of unwanted relationship-advice. The one reason I hate RECEIVING relationship advice is because I’m too analytical to NOT question the source that the advice derives from, and if it derives from some frowsy Old Wives Tale, I’m calling BS on it in a minute. But regardless, that doesn’t prevent people from SHARING their ignorant advice, thus subjecting me to entertaining MANY-a-musty theory, but none MORE mustier than the ideology that the key to finding happiness and TRUE love is making sure you get with someone who loves you MORE than you love them. That’s not romantic idealism, that’s just an easy-fall back for selfish p*ssies to scared to truly put their heart on their line like REAL love REQUIRES.

Every single time I hear this GARBAGE IDEOLOGY the first place my mind instantly goes to, is “if you get with someone who loves you MORE, it gives you a lot of LESS responsibility to HAVE to express your love for them and a lot MORE leeway to be a DOUCHE, but use that person’s emotional attachment to you, against them.” That is not some highly-intellectualized look at bonding the souls of two individuals in a lifelong union of mutual respect and admiration – it’s just a DOUCHEBAG way to say “find someone you can exploit and take advantage of their sorry-ass.”

Now I don’t know who INVENTED this F*CKERY phrase and then pawned it off on unsuspecting idiots, who, in turn praised it as intense emotional education, but I can guarantee you ONE thing about that person: They were emotionally unstable and incapable of actual vulnerability. Love is not a friggin’ stock, so the concept of low-risk/high-reward does NOT exist in the context of TRUE love. If you want to GAIN everything, you must be able to RISK everything, and if you aren’t willing, then DON’T be a jackass and misappropriate an innocent parties full love and trust.

See, the GREAT & DOUCHEY thing about loving someone who loves you more, is they are more emotionally-indebted in the relationship than you, therefore they have MUCH more to LOSE. By not fully loving them, you DON’T have to risk the illogical mood swings, the hormonal ups and downs, and the potential for absolute, emotional devastation if the relationship was to end, like most people in love do. Essentially, your significant other will be hampered with all that stuff, but you can just pack your bags and leave relatively unscathed if things don’t work out. Of COURSE that’s gonna sound great to a selfish neanderthal, but if you are a GOOD person who feels entitled to a good man, praising this theory makes you nothing more than the WORST kind of user.

Here’s an idea you can try out? Marry or enter into a relationship with someone who respects, loves and needs you just as much as you respect, love and need them. Instead of preying on someone who deserves to be loved MORE than YOU can offer – why don’t you try praying for someone who won’t make you feel like love is such a negative and risky ‘investment.’

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience