2012 NFL Week Four Review: It Is Officially Half-Past TEBOW Time

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the phrase “I hate to say I told you so” which is typically followed by a statement the speaker predicted would come true, just after it happened. Well I’m NOT going to say that even though the Jets got their ASSES kicked on Sunday by the Niners 34-0, because I actually take a LOT of joy in telling you Jets fans “I told you so.” After SMASHING the Bills in week one, I tried to caution everyone from getting TOO hype because they had a touch schedule coming up (including the Steelers, Niners & Texans) and we should wait until week 5 to fully evaluate them – and upon further evaluation, the Jets ARE who I thought they WERE.


I’m NOT going to say that the Jets have to officially make a QB change, but since they stated they have many packages exclusively for Tebow to run and pass the ball, it’s TIME for them to start using those plays A LOT more. Now, I know MANY of you assume I’m being HARD on Mark JUST because he’s the QB, but that’s NOT it – he’s truly playing POORLY. Check the stats:

Mark Sanchez’s last 3 games: 44-of-101 (43.6%) for 547 yards (5.42 YPA), 2:4 TD-INT ratio. Jets offense has 1 TD on last 34 possessions.

Are you seriously gonna tell me Tim Tebow CAN’T do that? The Jets offence only had ONE play over 15 yards in their loss to the Niners. Of COURSE the D deserves a lot of blame, and the fact that Revis is gone for the season with an ACL injury explains a lot, but DAMN – an NFL team should be able to score at least a damn FG.


After that HORRENDOUS call at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game, the league KNEW it had to get the real refs on the field ASAP and they did just that. But regarding that call, if I hear ONE Green Bay player, fan or coach blame their ENTIRE season on that ONE call in that ONE loss, I will personally drive to their house and give them a Stone Cold Stunner. It’s not like this was the end of the an important playoff game with the season riding on the line – like the FRIGGIN’ TUCK RULE game [excuse my Raiders rage].


Yesterday on Twitter, many folks were calling Matty Ice underrated after the Falcons clutch win over the Panthers. I like what he’s doing and I think he is outplaying ALL the QB’s in the league so far [plus Atlanta is STILL undefeated at 4-0], BUT until Matt wins at least ONE playoff game, he is right where he belongs on the list of elite QB’s.


After losing to the Packers and falling to 0-4 [despite Drew Brees throwing for over 400 yards], it’s safe to say the Saints season is OVER. It’s time to start building for 2013 and hoping that they can scout some of their younger guys and see what they can do. This loss is no ONE individuals fault – even the kicker.


Guess who is currently first in the NFC North? The 3-1 Minnesota Vikings. Not the Packers [who many people have in the super bowl], not the Chicago Bears [who many people have in the playoffs] and not the Detroit Lions [after an AMAZING season last year]. Adrian Peterson is beasting and Percy Harvin is playing great, BUT a LOT of the credit needs to go to the young QB Christian Ponder who is continuing to play amazing. Forget Matt Ryan, HE’S the most underrated QB in the NFL right now.


And they are being led by JJ watt who is leading the league in sacks. They have a great running back in Arian Foster, a great receiver in Andre Johnson and a stout O-line which makes Schaub’s life VERY easy. But it is their D that will get them to the Super Bowl if they can beat the Ravens.


While the New Jersey Jets fans should be panicking because their entire team is falling apart, Giants fans should be FAR from desperate. The Giants have a lot of injuries, but at 2-2, they are staying close in games, and on Sunday they lost because their kicker FLOPPED at the end of the game. But when DON’T the Giants start their season with some controversy? The years they DON’T do well, that’s when.

Monday Night Football Prediction: {Current Record 2-2}

– Although I think the Cowboys are gonna put up a great fight, I really like the Bears to win this game as I’ve noticed most Monday Night games this year have been relatively low scoring. I think this will be a grind-it-out defensive battle, and the Bears D will prevail.

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  1. lincolnanthonyblades

    10/01/2012 at 4:12 AM

    Ladies & Gentlemen, What Were YOUR Thoughts On Week 4? Should The Jets Start Tebow??

    How Did YOUR Team Do In Week 4?

  2. Adonis

    10/01/2012 at 1:07 PM

    TeBow!!! TeBow!!! TeBow!!! The Jets road to the SuperBowl starts when Tebow starts (I was high when I said that)

    Giants don't do well when you expect them to do well. Eli threw an interception that he had no business throwing. He needs to cuddle under a bus this week. But the Giant will be fine as long as they get into the playoffs. Division games in the NFC Beast is always a dogfight regardless of record.

    Matty Ice needs to get the pre-Ring LeBron treatment. He looks great when he hit that BOMB to Roddy White.

    The Saints are crying w/o their head coach. They should be at least 2-2. Lost by 8 points or LESS. Last 2 games 3 points or less. RIP 2012 Saints.

    Texans need to stay healthy and they will make some noise in the playoffs. Protect Matt Schaub.

    I got the Da Bears tonight also. Dallas comes off real suspect to me.

    • lincolnanthonyblades

      10/01/2012 at 3:55 PM

      The other kid on Houston didn't look too bad after Schaub got injured. Yates can ball a little

      • Adonis

        10/01/2012 at 4:51 PM


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