Bruh, Unless You Are Out Here Dating Dimepieces – STOP Throwing SHADE

This is Tyra Banks without make-up…looking like what MANY women look like without make-up

Listen, I don’t give a DAMN why Tyra took that picture or the context behind it or what it’s suppose to represent. All I know is that it’s a picture of un Bajan-esqe forehead and make-up-less face, that caused a BUNCH of dudes all over social media sites I’m on, to go ALL the way in on her for being the ugliest BRUTE alive – and I’m F*^KING sick of this conversation. Every time some celebrity is caught on the red carpet making a ridiculous face, or caught in real life without ten pounds of bullish*t on his or her face, there’s always a million C*NTS lined up around the block to talk sh*t about how UGLY that person is. But this is NOT my anti-bullying rant, this is my “stop acting like YOU’RE doing so much better you hypocritical JACKASS” rant.

Bruh, you should’ve read some of the comments I heard dudes leaving about this picture, talking about how messed up she, how ugly she is and how they wouldn’t smash her without someone else’s richard. But these are the SAME dudes walking the streets, malls and schoolyards with chicks looking like Nutzo in Above The Rim. F*^K outta here.

I have a new solution for dudes who wanna pop off at the mouth dissing female celebs about how disgusting they are: Immediately after insulting her, post a side-by-side picture with her and your baby mother. See, y’all got big talk on the damn internet where you can anonymously get in people’s ass without fear of reproach, but imagine someone shining a bright light into YOUR life and asking you why the hell you were spotted hand-in-hand walking down the street with a b*tch in bright yellow jeggins and a orange and lime lacefront looking like a football helmet from The U.

And some of y’all ladies ain’t NO damn better. Every time I see someone post candid pictures of Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Jay-Z, there’s always a THOUSAND chicks talking about “Wow! He looks so damn old!” WHAT THE F*^K DO YOU EXPECT HIM TO LOOK LIKE? You think every dude in the world has access to Larenz Tate’s fountain of youth? Grown ass men age, and you should be HOPING that YOUR dude ages as gracefully as some of those guys. Sh*t, some of y’all have men that will look like a cross between Flavor Flav, Tony Yayo and Redd Foxx by the time they hit 38, and you out here worrying about Jay-Z’s wrinkles? Get a life you frowsy teg-a-reg.

This post is for those of you living in this imaginary BULLSH*T world where you think YOU are gonna be fine forever [if you even are right now], and your significant other is gonna be this flawless, constantly done-up dimepiece – get a F*^KING grip on reality and learn to stop being such a judgemental DOUCHEBAG. It’s the LOOSEBALLS like you who can’t see through the facade of beauty who always find a way to end up alone, bitter and taking solace in insulting celebs physical appearance on Dancing With The Stars.

Grow up.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience