Dear Natural Hair NAZI’S: GO F*^K YOURSELVES

In the Black community there are two very prevalent camps: The IGNORANT and The INFORMED. The Ignorant is comprised of Black folk like the ones who make fun of Gabby Douglas’ hair, folks who bleach their skin to look whiter while framing dark skin as a horrible and ugly quality, and folks who have no general idea of WHY they should be proud of their “Blackness.” On the other hand, you have the INFORMED, who have an appreciation for all shades of Black and Brown under the rainbow, all different types of kinky hair texture, and who are very in touch with the concept of LOVING your SELF – a concept many Natural Hair wearing Black women thoroughly understand. But there’s a group of the INFORMED who are acting so WILFULLY IGNORANT, disrespectful and destructive to the BLACK STRUGGLE, I can pointedly say I HATE THEM – and that’s the Natural Hair NAZI’S.

Hate may SEEM like a strong word, but allow me to explain why it is apropos. In the Black community, the IGNORANT can be broken down into two separate categories: Those who don’t KNOW and those you don’t CARE. The people who don’t care are the ones who say BULLSH*T like “All dark skin girls are ugly!” and then when an INFORMED person checks them, they lash out and go in EVEN HARDER in a fit of utter niggnorance [Yes I wrote niggnorance]. The people who don’t know are the ones who simply have yet to be educated about concepts of self love. It’s EASY as HELL to be ignorant about why you should love your Black skin and kinky hair, because [up until VERY recently] there have been VERY few outlets to hear that message. Forget school and pop-culture, many of our own media outlets, like BET, rarely showed dark skin or natural hair in it’s true, beautiful light, so many of us grow up NOT KNOWING. We perm our toddlers hair and put weave into third graders’ heads and never ONCE analyze what we are REALLY doing and WHY we are doing it.

But here’s the thing: The VAST majority of the INFORMED, were once IGNORANT. The INFORMED are no BETTER or SMARTER than the truly IGNORANT, we are just LUCKY to have met someone who opened our eyes to the HUGE problem of self-hate in our communities. I was 12 years old when I first heard Marcus Garvey’s infamous quote paraphrased as: Remove the kinks from your mind, not your hair. In the mid 90’s I decided to read up about our history and instantly took a passion for it. I changed my life, name and outlook, NOT because I wanted to be BETTER than anyone else, but because I wanted to share this highly-unknown knowledge with all my brothers and sisters. I have been actively doing everything I can to support ‘The Struggle’ of Black folks here in North America at every turn I get, along with MANY great men and women fighting for the very same causes.

And then the natural hair thing blew up. My sister went natural, my close friend Bee went natural and a lot of other women all around me embraced their kinks – as well as the concept of self love. They embraced their cultural heritage like never before, their skin tones like never before and even started to promote the concept of LOVING YOURSELF to other women. It was a beautiful sight to see – until I got MORE into the Natural Hair Movement, and learned that there was a sector of women who were NOT about advancing our fight against oppression, but MORE interested in being divisive – the Natural Hair Nazi.

A Natural Hair Nazi is a Black woman who believes that HER naturally kinky [usually VERY kinky] hair is the epitome of “Blackness” and women with LESS kinkier hair are NOT entitled to share in her struggle, while also propagating the ideology that if you DON’T wear your hair natural, you are a self-hating DOUCHEBAG who is ruining the race. These women aren’t concerned with who truly love themselves, as their sole focus lies in whether or not you are LOVING yourself in a way THEY deem to be acceptable – and they are FULL OF SH*T.

But what these Nazi’s don’t understand is that before this natural hair craze picked up steam, the INFORMED members of our society have been fighting for equality, civil rights and fair and equitable treatment for ALL of us. These people were VERY aware of how our looks were stigmatized in this society, from our skin colour being used against us in the legal system, to our names and addresses being used against us on job applications, right down to our HAIRSTYLES being used against us at work. Great men and women like Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Angela Davis, Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King Jr. fought for ALL of us to make sure we had EQUALITY. And that’s what these Natural Hair Nazi’s DON’T understand – the struggle they are JOINING, is NOT to make every Black woman in the world wear her hair natural – it’s about making society EQUAL enough that Black women [and men] can wear their hair ANY damn way they please without being profiled or stigmatized.

But what do these jackasses do? They create more DIVISIVENESS within a community that is already TOO divided. They attack women who wear their hair natural but relax it, then they attack women for being 3C instead of 4C, and then they attack Black folks who are ignorant about the Natural Hair Movement – and UNDO all the DAMN work that the people who paved the way BEFORE them, worked tirelessly to build. And this is where I get PISSED OFF, and this blog post is my stand against these anti-intellectual IDIOTS. For the sake of the struggle please STEP. THE F*^K. OFF. You are NOT helping progress our community, you are just HURTING it. You are NOT spreading love [the only thing that can TRULY overcome ignorance] which will UNITE our broken community, you are just spreading HATE and ANGER and BITTERNESS and leaving it WORSE-OFF than how you’re sorry-ass found it.

To all the Black women who have natural hair, you’re beautiful. To all the Black women who DON’T have natural hair, you’re beautiful too. And to ANY Black woman who would JUDGE another woman’s intrinsic worth based on her NOT rocking her hair as kinky as YOU NEED IT TO BE, please remember THIS about ALL of our sisters:

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience