Don’t Try To Use MY KIDS To Prove Your Ridiculous Point

So after yesterday’s post about the Bus Driver who went Rumble in the Jungle on the young ratchet hoodrat who invaded his bus and personal space, I was pleased about the discussion based on ONE major point: No one posed the ridiculously anti-intellectual question “What if that was YOUR daughter?” In my opinion, that is the absolute LOWEST form of intelligent argument that a human being can make. To pose a made-up scenario, which places YOUR child in the heart of the situation, either being treated harshly or doing some ignorant BS, is so far-removed from logic that the question becomes a mindless paradox. Instead of asking me “what would YOU do if that happened to your son or daughter?” why don’t you ask “Is it possible for a child YOU raised to even be IN that scenario in the first damn place?”

When it comes to parenting, the one thing that scares me the most, yet I take the most pride in, is the concept of character building. Once your child is born, their mental and emotional capacities, reflexes and instincts are developed and nurtured by YOU, through everything you teach them, everything they see IN you and all the ways they observe YOU act in society. Even before they experience direct socialization, their initial ideologies on the world and how to behave in it are formed through their relationship with YOU. One day, when I finally have kids, I will have the all-important task of managing their young mental states and that’s a job I take very seriously.

But this is clearly NOT a duty that ALL parents give equal importance to. Some parents neglect their kids, or act as terrible role-models, or abandon their children when they need them the most. The truth is, some parents SUCK, and by SUCKING, they are irreparably damaging their children’s young psyches and inundating them with a host of future problems. Now I’m NOT saying that bad parents are the SOLE excuse for the existence of frowsy people, or that bad kids are ALL the result of bad parenting, but I AM saying that the MAJORITY of musty-ass kids, sans mental-health problems, can be traced back to irresponsible parenting.

Like classless-ass troglodytes starting sh*t on a public bus.

Please, don’t ask me what if that girl was my daughter, because my simple response is that girl could NEVER be my daughter. There is no way on GOD’S GREEN EARTH, I could FAIL as a father ENOUGH to make that pathetic behaviour be seen as acceptable or smart by ANY of my offspring. When it comes to publicly disrespecting someone and treating them like absolute sh*t, she DEFINITELY wouldn’t get that from me OR her mother. She wouldn’t have learned that from her grandparents, who have raised children ALL without ANY criminal records. She definitely wouldn’t have gotten that her hardworking aunt with her masters degree, or her uncle who only has a high school diploma, but has worked HARD and RESPECTFULLY his entire life.

So where would she adopt this behaviour from?

Oh, I know TV and society, right? WRONG. Because any child of mine would be hip to media influence and would be removed from consuming and ratchet-ass BS until they were adults themselves.

So the next time you see some stank-ass, young teg-a-reg chick in a green lacefront trying to rip out some musty heffas fluorescent beige lacefront in the middle of Denny’s, DON’T ask me “what if that was your daughter?” And if you see some frowsy-ass young drunk dude throwing Heineken bottles at the police in his parents front lawn, DON’T ask me “what if that was your son?” Because you should know the answer already: They would DO better than that, because they would have been RAISED better than that.

This Is Your Conscience

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