YES, There Are Gay Black Frat-Members – AND A Lot Of OTHER Types Too

When I first heard that there was some viral, Twitter-trending, Youtube video featuring two young Black men getting married, I was mildly intrigued as to what made THIS wedding so special, outside of the regular homophobia of the hyper-masculine dudes, the wannabe alpha-males, the church and the unnecessarily ignorant. Then I learned that ONE of the dudes apparently is a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, and that’s where things started to crystallize a lot for me, and then led me to a point that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD to myself: The FUNNY thing about the perceived acceptance of Gay Men in our society, is that we are willing to accept the most extroverted and stereotypical representations of Gay Men on a singular basis, but there’s still a lot of different “TYPES” that we are unwilling to accept so easily into “our” circles.

Here’s the video picture-collage of these dudes wedding:

The reason this video caused such an uproar is because people thought this was a “Gay Kappa Wedding” where the Kappa colours were being used [cream and crimson are the Kappa colours, although the actual wedding was red and white] to support these dudes getting married. I heard frat guys prattle on about how this ceremony disrespects the long-standing legacy of Kappas from a historical perspective, but the REAL story is this: When it comes to accepting homosexuals RIGHT to live their intended lifestyles, you can’t just accept the Derek J’s and Richard Simmons of the world – you have to accept ALL, in EVERY sector of modern society. And as much as this may scare some of you, there are gay men EVERYWHERE in the world, in EVERY line of work, playing EVERY sport professionally with EVERY body type you can possibly imagine.

There are gay men everywhere from the West Indies to East Africa, from North America to the South Pole and every damn where in between. There are gay engineers, scientists, FRAT MEMBERS of all kinds, steel workers, farmers and Chik-fil-a cashiers. There are gay men in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and I wouldn’t even be surprised if there were a few in the WNBA. These men are tall, short, skinny, built like bodybuilders, fat, slovenly, well-kept and representative of every OTHER physical characteristic you can think of.

The reason I mention this is because true acceptance of homosexuality is being able to be comfortable with gay men in EVERY circle YOU interact in. If you are NOT “THAT” comfortable, then you truly are not accepting of gay men. It’s easy for a heterosexual dude to say “I ain’t got no problem with dudes being gay!” when you are explicitly referring to the most flamboyant of gays, because in his mind it’s simply out-of-sight, out-of-mind. He figures there’s no harm in lending his support to their cause, because the chances of him actually interacting with a dude like that is SLIM – but these are the same men who will recant their support IN A SECOND, when the “Homo-train” pulls up to a station to close to HIS home.

Now this is NOT my attempt to scald people for NOT being accepting of homosexuals lifestyles, because in a free country, you are entitled to your own ignorance, but don’t pretend to be enlightened when you only accept Gay Men’s lifestyles – as long as they don’t come into contact with YOUR own.

This Is Your Conscience

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