It’s NEVER Ok For Anyone To Hit Another Person [MAN Or WOMAN]

If you’re a staunch, hardline feminist, I will advise you to click the BACK button on your browser and save yourself the high blood pressure, because this post will NOT uphold your anti-intellectual, unfounded and hypocritical views on abuse that women suffer in situations where THEY are the aggressor. While you propagate foolish and dangerous BULLSH*T such as “It’s NEVER OK to hit a woman”, those of us blessed with un-common sense realize that not ALL instances of violence are the SAME thing. When it comes to the case of the bus driver who hit that GROWN-ASS 25-year old WOMAN, with that vicious uppercut, aligning THIS particular, individual incident with the mass problem of domestic abuse is the most FALLACIOUS and IGNORANT thing any woman [or man] can EVER do.

For the TWO people left in the world who may NOT have seen the video I’m referencing, it’s THIS:

I find this video SAD & HILARIOUS and I feel absolutely NO WAYS in saying that. This is nothing more than a loud, ignorant, trifling AGGRESSOR getting the comeuppance they so deserve AFTER laying hands on an innocent bystander. If you want me to cry tears for this young girl, you can particularly go F*^K yourself because I feel NO pity for ANY human being who feels that resolving their problems through VIOLENCE is the BEST answer, as opposed to words or avoidance. And just because this particular disgusting, tyrannical and ignorant human being was born with a vagina as opposed to a penis, that does NOT excuse her for physically accosting another human being. I don’t give a DAMN if it’s a man or woman who INITIATES the violence or receives the violence, the FACT is NO ONE should have to be subjected to ANY sort of brutality and THEN keep the OTHER person’s safety in mind, when they clearly don’t give a F*^K about anyone else’s [especially the person they’re attacking].

And that’s the part of this issue that literally ENRAGES me to the point where my BLOOD BOILS. The concept that I need to look out for the WELFARE of my attacker while in the middle of a fight is the most RIDICULOUS BULLSH*T I’ve ever heard in my entire life. So you mean to tell me, that when another human being tries to savagely beat me, I need to measure my response based on how much force I THINK is appropriate, even though I have NO CLUE whether or not that person is armed, carrying a concealed weapon or trained in any fighting styles?

You. Are. F*^KING. Insane.

The thing about this issue that some feminists particularly will try and have you believe is that women are weak, gentle creatures that NEED to be treated with soft kid-gloves in ALL scenarios. These women believe that any man who attacks another man should be dealt with, and any woman who attacks any other woman should have her ass handled as well. BUT, as soon as you start crossing the genders, no longer is the dichotomy between victim and aggressor – it becomes an issue of MALE vs. FEMALE, and then historical context MUST be made in their minds – and that’s UTTER BS. Let’s be clear: I, and any man I’ve watched this video with, DO NOT believe that it’s OK for men to ABUSE women. But what separates our SENSE, from other people’s NONSENSE, is the fact that we know THIS issue is NOT aligned with ABUSE against women – this is a separate and unique instance of one JACKASS attacking a public servant and getting EXACTLY what they wanted: A FIGHT.

The reason this issue PISSES me off so much, is because women are NOT an entire gender of weak, gentle creatures – there are MANY women out there who assault, maim, stab, murder, shoot, strangle and KILL. Every single damn-day on this continent, women are out here GRIEVOUSLY injuring MEN & WOMEN, and if that’s a joke to you, or funny to you, I DARE you to go up to the families who have LOST loved ones to violence at the hand of a woman [like Sienna Edwards family in NYC]. This is not a GENDER ISSUEthis is about victims and aggressors, and NO victim should EVER have to be OK with an aggressor laying hands on them regardless of what their reproductive organs are.

And to these anti-academic, full-of-sh*t females who utter inane GARBAGE such as “it’s a man’s job to walk away”, I will offer you NO intellectual and in-depth response because you TRULY don’t DESERVE it and just say “F*^k your point of view.Stop co-signing ignorance under the banner of protecting women because those are TWO separate issues. If you want to make your musty self useful, go tell ALL women that they need to learn to keep their FROWSY fingers to themselves.

And what kills me is that so many of you will put the blame on the Bus Driver – the victim – and demonize his REACTIONS to getting assaulted. I guess I find it so hilarious, because if it was a MAN who hit a WOMAN, and then got KNOCKED OUT by her right after, I’m guessing the reaction would be a LOT different.

This Is Your Conscience

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