It’s NEVER Too Late To Advance Your Education

Yesterday, I found out some very interesting news while surfing the net and getting my pop-culture fill of drama and ratchetness happening to people FAR outside of my tax bracket, and I learned that Drake recently just graduated from high school – at age 25. For some reason I had always assumed that while acting the role of a student on Degrassi, he was also subsequently enrolled in classes on the side, but apparently he dropped out of school to pursue his acting career, which was followed by a massively successful rap career, which left him little no time to focus on his education – until now. What’s funny is that EVERY single blog site that I’ve seen report this story has been filled with a massive amount of comments calling laughing at Drake and calling him an IDIOT – which are simply the actions of judgemental, self-aggrandizing jackasses.

The reason I find this so DISGUSTING is because educational elitism should NOT be enforced on people striving to become more educated no matter WHAT the circumstance is. The FACTS are (right from Drake’s mouth) that his mother was sick and their family was BROKE, so he did what he felt he had to do to make ends meet for their household. Let me stress that I personally DON’T CARE what his reason is, and I DEFINITELY don’t think he needs to come up with a reason good enough to placate a mass populous of anti-inteelctual strangers who will look down on him for anything he does anyways, but the point is he CHOSE to go BACK to school when even by his OWN admission, he didn’t really HAVE to:

“I guess we’ll never know what Harvard gets us/
But seeing my family have it all/
Took the place of that desire for diplomas on the wall.”

But what makes me SICK about this story is the elitism that people attach to their educational achievements as if it makes them somehow intrinsically BETTER people than everyone they’ve accomplished MORE than scholastically. The indignation that some of these DOUCHEBAGS have for Drake and his “sorry-little high school degree it took him 10 years to get” is representative of the mass ignorance and self-righteousness that causes MANY people to resent those with advanced degrees. Whether or not YOU think Drake SHOULD have graduated a lot earlier, the fact is what you think is utterly POINTLESS. Your opinion, your amoral judgement and your condescension only serves to PREVENT people from achieving higher education – and that makes you a worthless c*nt of a human, regardless of the letters after your name.

We ALL have vastly different stories, full of our own varied hardships which can prevent some people from completing school on the timeframe that many others do. These people don’t deserve RIDICULE, they deserve encouragement to keep trying and PRAISE for eventually finishing. And as someone who has spent A LOT of time around people with advanced degrees, this is NOT just an issue about Drake – this BULLSH*T goes on at every level of education, with people at every level of celebrity. I have been in ROOMS with ph.d’s (who assumed I was one of them) who talked down EVERYONE else without them like they are simply F*^KING UP in life, as if even TRYING to get a ph.d is a simple birthright we all reject because of abject laziness. Please miss me with that BS.

You can hate Drake, hate his album, hate his face, and hate his aggressive R&B – but DON’T hate on the ONE positive thing he’s imparted to his fans and haters:

When it comes to advancing your education, it’s always better LATE than NEVER.

This Is Your Conscience

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