My Confessions: I Got Caught CHEATING On My Wife…

Not only did I get caught cheating red-handed, this crazy B*tch ASSAULTED me TOO.

For those of you who don’t know what the HELL I’m talking about, I have been telling many people that I starred in a commercial this week and made my official acting debut – which is hilarious because I’m the FURTHEST thing from a comic or an actor, but hey, if J.Lo can try, why can’t I?!

As I’ve been promoting on this site for weeks, I have been scheduled to speak at the upcoming BATTLE OF THE SEXES event here in Toronto on Sunday, November 4th at the House Of Moments, and I ALSO did the event’s official commercial – and HERE it is [go easy on my acting you jerks – I just lost my on-screen virginity]:

Shout out to my beautiful “wife” [with her ol’ lying ass], the event producer Telisha and the film crew Potential Films for the AMAZING HD QUALITY.

For those of you interested in attending the event, you can purchase tickets HERE:

And like I said on Facebook earlier this week:

The funny thing about travelling around North America speaking at events about Sex & Relationships is the fact that the crowd is always PREDOMINANTLY women with A LOT who are VERY Sexy & VERY Single, yet every time I tell men to reach, they ignore me to go holla at Teg-A-Reg girls in frowsy nightclubs. So take this as my warning to y’all dudes out there in Toronto – Save the date NOVEMBER 4th & join me at the Battle Of The Sexes event…OR feel free to spend another night trying to parking lot pimp musty chicks looking like Biz Markie & wondering where the FINE women are at.

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