The 52 Week Pledge: FAILURE Is A VERY Slippery Slope [Week Five]

If I can be 1000% honest, I was a little disappointed that last weeks post garnered so little attention and it’s not about site hits, having a lot of comments to make my blog look like the hot spot or even some grandiose desire I have to act like I’m some all-important force changing lives with every simple keystroke I make. I was disappointed because, believe it or not, I am personally invested in the stories of everyone who took the 52 week pledge. I want to see your progress and hear about your ups and downs because I am personally interested in what happens to you all. Don’t forget, I am on this dream-chasing journey with each and every one of you, and your personal inspiration HELPS me more than you probably know.


Now I’m not assuming that people stopped chasing their dreams simply because they didn’t have time to post an update on my blog, but if posting here every Wednesday has become part of your goal-reaching ritual, it would be great if you could find time to execute even the smallest of necessary tasks, because the path to failure is paved with creating small excuses to NOT do small things. And when I say FAILURE I mean not even attempting to give your 100% to achieving your dreams.

When it comes to NOT realizing our dreams, failure is typically not some big, flaming disaster that rocks our lives to the core, demolishing everything including our goals in its’ wake. Failure is more often just something we comfortably settle into and eventually find ourselves completely enveloped in it. It starts with convincing yourself that it’s OK to miss one “small” meeting, which turns into “not having time” to make that last “small” phone call and procrastinating on that one “small” project. It’s the accumulation of ignoring those seemingly small and innocuous tasks that ultimately ends up with you being lethargic about the totality of your dream and allowing it to fall by the wayside.

So my question this week to all of you is this: What can I do with these posts to help YOU out with reporting your successes and setbacks here every Wednesday and ultimately achieving your life goals? I definitely want to hear your advice, because your suggestions will benefit ME as well, as someone looking to achieve goals. PLEASE let me know what I can do.

As always let me know how your week was, and what you have planned for the next 7-days coming up.

Keep grinding.

This Is Your Conscience

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