The 52 Week Pledge: Find Your PRODUCTIVE PLACE [Week Six]

There’s ONE assumption I’m going to make about your life in the city or town that you live and work in: You have a daily schedule that you adhere to, and while you are chasing your dream, you are also juggling a full life around it. That may mean going to a building to work your 9-5, or attending classes at your school, or even adhering to other frequent commitments that cause you to run all over the place. All of these actions AND places have identities specific to you. For example, your office can become a place of non-stop work and subsequent stress, and that’s how you FEEL there. Also, your school can become a place of fun and socializing which can make it impossible to focus or be overtly serious there. Although these are just basic examples, one key to successfully chasing your dream is FINDING YOUR PRODUCTIVE PLACE.


So many people really think that all they need to do is go to the library, put their head down and bang out all their work and they will be GOOD. But the truth is, that specific library or libraries in general may NOT be YOUR productive place, which means you are effectively just wasting your time. The trick to getting things done, starts with finding the right PLACE to be focused on getting things done.

If there is one thing I’ve personally learned from working from home, it’s that your home can be the WORST place to try and be productive. If you have a lot of people coming and going, or constantly bugging you, you will never find that lucid mind-state needed to give your goals the adequate energy and focus required to complete them. Also, your home has a FEEL already [all of ours do] and if that FEEL is not conducive to a clear and open thought-process, you are in A LOT of trouble. I knew my house had too many distractions and just an overall VIBE of procrastination to it, so I had to find a PRODUCTIVE PLACE.

For me personally, I found solace in a coffee shop near my house that is virtually empty during the day, has a good wifi connection and has employees not constantly badgering me to keep buying stuff. THIS has become my PRODUCTIVE PLACE. I encourage EVERYONE to find one, because when you do it limits the amount of actual time you need to commit to your goals, because your energy is so focused it streamlines your work. I encourage you all to think outside of the box when finding your productive place, because it is SO crucial to find somewhere where your mind is free to work at its best, or no matter HOW much time you put aside, you will ALWAYS
struggle to be productive.

Stay focused.

This Is Your Conscience

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