The VP Debate Was No Where NEAR A Draw – Joe Biden CLEARLY Won

After watching Joe Biden do to Paul Ryan, what Barack Obama SHOULD have done to Mitt Romney, it was clear that the Dems plan of letting “Joe be Joe” was the smartest move they’ve made since debate season began. Obama’s dismal performance last week not only cost the Dems the opportunity to wrap the election up early, but it gave the Republicans an opening to make a HUGE surge in the polls and strongly contest Barack in some key battleground states. But as I prepared to turn off CNN and head to the gym for a late-night workout, I had the displeasure of hearing Wolf Blitzer and some other IDIOTS state that the debate was truly a DRAW – what in the HELL were THEY watching?

So before I could grab my sneakers and bounce, I sat back down amazed at what I was hearing through my TV speakers, and proceeded to listen to the pundits explanations. Apparently, the consensus amongst the “draw” crowd is that Biden was STRONG on all the issues – but he acted immature, overly-aggressive and condescending to Ryan, which is enough to turn off many undecided voters from supporting Obama and the Democrats. As much as I think that’s a terrible analysis of the debate, that’s not even what I’m taking exception with – it’s the idea that Biden’s clear, concise and sharp perspectives can be taken as anything OTHER than a positive by ANYONE with functioning brain cells. If your takeaway from Biden’s laughs, incredulous facial expressions and fact-checking interruptions is that he was “too rude” to get your support, then you will prove the ONE thing I’ve always known about undecided voters LATE in elections – they’re IDIOTS.

The worst part about watching CNN’s debate coverage is their corny-ass political-life support meter that tracks how undecideds FEEL at any given point during the 90-minute discussion. The reason I can avoid it like ads on Youtube videos is because of how ridiculous and anti-political I KNOW these people are. Less than 5% [which may be too generous] of undecided voters actually have a truly SUBSTANTIVE reason to have not made a decision yet, while the other 95% are jackasses who don’t realize these men did not DESCEND onto Earth in January 2012, and they ALL have a LONG and extensive history of policy decisions and socio-political leanings. But to any undecided voter who WON’T vote for Obama because they felt Biden was “too mean” – you’re a MORON.

What exactly is a respected, intelligent, representative of the people SUPPOSE to do when someone is lying RIGHT to his face, expressing made-up statistics and creating anti-intellectual FALSEHOODS? Be nice and polite and calm? Like Obama did to Romney last week, effectively COSTING himself the debate?


He SHOULD fact-check his opponents BS right as it’s coming out of his ignorant mouth. He SHOULD talk over the factual inaccuracies being propagated by his adversary so it has NO TIME to stick in people’s minds and eventually develop into an incorrect “fact”. He SHOULD laugh every time his opponent makes a FOOLISH argument, because it shouldn’t even be given the respect of demure and serious consideration. If I was in a debate with Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about global warming is impossible because I still have to wear a heavy jacket in the winter, he SHOULD laugh RIGHT in my damn face and cut my stupid-ass point off before some other poor sucker in the audience has the ability to internalize my ignorance as a factual possibility – EXACLY what Biden did.

For example: Paul Ryan was advocating US Corporations get their effective tax rate DROPPED so they could pay less tax and have more cash in hand to create more jobs [a verifiably FLAWED supply-side economics argument], and then he used Canada as an example and threw out the number 15% to represent our countries “great” corporate tax rate, compared to Obama who wants corporations to pay around 30%. This was absolute BS that made me damn-near throw my remote at the TV screen and tweet in ANGER, because it’s a flat-out LIE.

In 2012, the Canadian government dropped the FEDERAL corporate tax rate to 15% BUT the income and the combined federal and provincial corporate tax rates range from 25% to 31% depending on the province in which the business resides. PLUS we have a national sales tax that ALL business are required to pay. If Biden cut him off during this LIE or smiled incredulously at his BS, the fact that you would make it a discussion about simple niceties and polite behaviour is STUPID and can’t be considered – not in an election THIS important with THIS much on the line.

Props to Biden for calling Ryan out on his MALARKY.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience