The Worst Sex Lie We’ve Been Told: MULTIPLE ORGASMS Are Damn-Near Impossible


As faithful and casual readers of TIYC have probably noticed A LOT of is the fact that I’ve been going extra hard to push my FIRST ever Ebook “The Myth Of The Multiple Orgasm” & I know the title must be INCREDIBLY misleading to some people so I wanted to provide you all with a FREE peek into the intro chapter of my Ebook which clarifies the greatest lie we’ve EVER been told about sex: That giving a woman multiple orgasms is either IMPOSSIBLE or HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

Here’s the intro of my book:

I think its pretty safe to say that most grown-ass men and women have at least HEARD the term “multiple orgasm” and if they are sexually active, they have probably done a little informal research on it too (Google and Wikipedia for the win). Hell, what sexually interested person wouldn’t want to know if multiple orgasms are a real thing and how exactly can they be performed?

Really think about it for a second – dudes could really be the “Bedroom Bullies” they’ve always dreamed of, leaving unsuspecting females experiencing deep-orgasmic after shocks all through her body and solidifying the strength of his A+ sex game. And women, learning they could cum harder than they ever previously imagined, could be exposed to a level of pleasure they only previously dreamed about. So of course we all WANT to know if multiples are a real thing – it will largely affect ALL of our relationships forever.

But the second folks start researching the term multiple orgasms, they will quickly learn one annoying-ass fact: There is NO conclusive answer regarding the existence of multiple orgasms and all the theories around the topic exist on such opposite ends of the spectrum that it becomes impossible to even formulate a mildly coherent middle-ground theory on the subject. Basically bruh, Some experts’ say that only 10% of women are multi-orgasmic, while, in contrast, other experts state almost 80% of all women bust multiple nuts in any given session. In fact, you can find “sexperts” who willingly proffer the idea that even MEN can be multi-orgasmic, busting off more shots than a drive-by shooting.

The fact that there is NO general consensus on this issue leads to ONE common reaction in MOST people: Apathy. In these days, if people can’t get a definitive and unchallenged answer on an issue they believe should be factual (like human biology) we tend to believe that new information is just science run-a-muck (I.e. how people don’t believe in global warming). But here’s the thing with this apathy – it transfers over to our overall ideologies about sex and relationships, and how much credence should be lent to it’s overall importance (“man you can’t give a woman no damn ‘multiple orgasm’ so why even try?”).

And that brings me to the MYTH of the multiple orgasm – which is that multiple orgasms are a myth at all. By propagating it as an unattainable and unrealistic “achievement”, it creates lethargy in love making that is predicated on actions that can be deemed “good enough.” The same people who will tell you multiple orgasms are a myth, are the same people who relegate their sexual experiences and experimentation into a socially, politically correct confined box. The person who easily talks shit about multi orgasmic sex being a real thing, will turn around and preach to you about great sex not needing to be orgasmic at all (which I can slightly agree on in some cases), how we live in a society that propagates sex as something we focus too much attention on in relationships, and eventually saying the most ignorant statement of all: Sex isn’t even the most important part of a relationship – which is utter BULLSHIT.

As much as I love debating, there’s one argument I’m sick and tired of talking about, and it’s constantly brought to me in the form of THIS question: “What’s more important in a relationship – a great sexual connection or amazing mental and emotional chemistry?” As much as people LOVE to pontificate on this subject by choosing one of the options and then subsequently extolling the “benefits” of WHY everyone else should value that exact option with equal fervor (IGNORING the fact that we are ALL intrinsically different as grown-ass adults who require different things out a relationship), most people are DEAD wrong on this topic. The answer is simply this: Neither is MORE important, because all aspects of a relationship are EQUALLY important.

The ideology that the sexual and emotional/mental components of your relationship are even competing factors is absolutely ridiculous. It’s like asking ‘what’s the most important part of a Cheeseburger: The cheese or the burger?’ The fact is, BOTH parts are equally and incredibly important, and to act as if one can be struggling or nonexistent in a SUCCESSFUL union is utter BS. SEX is just as important as a great mental and emotional connection in a GREAT relationship.

But with that said, many of us have such specific and unique sexual appetites, it’s not exactly easy to have all of our physical desires met, which makes it VERY easy for disappointment to creep in. That resulting disappointment can manifest itself into emotional problems and, even worse, result in a complete loss of intimacy (where you no longer have a significant other, but just a friend you share the bed with).

And that’s where this book comes in.

If you are a man reading this, you [like me] are probably very interested in pleasing women to the full extent of your ability, and while you already have a repertoire of sex moves, you want to expand your arsenal. You are SMART as hell because you understand that hubris and acting like you know everything about sex is childish and stupid. Any man interested in having a progressive sex life should realize ONE important fact: There’s ALWAYS room to improve and space to learn more.

If you are a woman reading this, chances are you want to help a man in your life improve his performance or just gain insight into how men think about lust and making love. I have included tips on how YOU can improve your performance in bed while he’s stepping his up, but the full book directed to you stepping your sex game up will be coming in the future [and will feature a LOT of tips from women that have been co-signed by MANY men].

I hope you all enjoy.

To those of you who have purchased the book, it gets VERY descriptive with A LOT of pictures detailing exactly how to get into Post-Barrier sex [a term you need to purchase the book to get the FULL gist of]. Although it’s my FIRST ever ebook, I’m really proud of it and I feel it’s a great tool for men and women to BOTH read to START their journey towards becoming a fully-functioning multi-orgasmic couple. I feel it’s definitely worth the money and all of your support with purchasing it is MORE than appreciated.

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