Women Who Don’t Believe In RECESSION DATING Are NOT WIFE Material

Her: “I’m having such a good time! I think I’m gonna get seconds!”
Him: “Um, ok, see here’s the thing…the way my bank account is set up..”

Sometimes I praise the Lord that I have a background in financial planning because it has given me substantial insight into the realities of our financial situations. One of the greatest MYTHS about personal finance is that the higher your income is, the further away you are from being BROKE – which is absolute BS. Now you may be far from being POOR because, along with your liquid assets, you also have possessions of value like a house or condo for example. But avoiding being BROKE is not about how much money you MAKE – it’s about how much money you SAVE, and if you are looking to build a life with someone in THIS economy, you better find someone who understands that excessive SPENDING over SAVING is the fastest way to end up like Antoine Walker, Lil’ Bow Wow or MC Hammer.

Now, for those of you who DON’T know what recession dating is, it’s BEST clarified in this amazing Web Series episode from my boys over at Brothers With No Game:

Basically recession dating is being cost effective and smart with your money, as opposed to just spending for the sake of spending.NOT to be confused with CHEAP-ASS dating, like:


Before I begin my rant, I will have to concede that Junior is BEEYOTCH for letting Remy talk him out of the cheap-ass chicken place for the expensive, high-class restaurant his Black-ass KNEW he couldn’t afford before they even walked inside. Also, pre-rant, I must state that he REALLY should’ve used my PREDATE formula in this circumstance [arrange a meet-up at a local coffee shop in the afternoon and TRY to have a convo to see if there’s any chemistry BEFORE agreeing to spend an ENTIRE night together on a REAL date] which would’ve helped him avoid this ENTIRE mess, but that’s neither here nor there. The fact is, Remy perfectly exhibited the qualities of a chick you should STRIKE OFF the wife-material list.

My big problem with this ENTIRE scenario is that he constantly was beaten into a corner for his perceived social shortcomings which are realistically just normal conditions for men and women all over the world fighting recession, inflation and income disparity. Junior ain’t some DOUCHEBAG loser trying to be a rapper or an NBA player, he is a skilled worker who simply lost his job like MILLIONS of people are going through – yet, she entered the date with the judgemental mind-state that if he doesn’t have a checklist of material things, then he ain’t sh*t. Dude doesn’t have a CAR, a JOB or a lot of money in the bank, and is basically dead-ass broke – but aside from being too eager to please OTHER people, he wasn’t a BAD guy. And just because he’s experiencing hardships NOW, it doesn’t mean he’s gonna be down FOREVER.

Also, what bugged me about Remy is that she constantly let her desire for great material things, prevent her from completely enjoying the date. It seems like they actually DO have some chemistry, but she is so focused on what his car is, how much he makes and what his job is, that she never took time to find out about HIM and how he can treat her.

Now I’m not saying that women NEED to LEARN how to date broke ass men, because that’s NOT IT at all. What I’m saying is that a woman who believes a QUALITY date MUST have a substantial price tag attached is NOT the kind of woman a man should want to build a life with. It doesn’t take draining your bi-weekly paycheck to have an “adequately good” time. But if thats the lifestyle she NEEDS to lead let her run off with a baller – and watch how fast HE goes from pulling out his Black card to pushing a Black Ford Tempo because he can’t maintain the lifestyle she’s ACCUSTOM to.

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