You’re Nothing More Than A REBOUND – Relax Yourself

Curb your enthusiasm is right…

The biggest mistake a man or woman can make when being on the dating scene is getting involved with someone FRESH out of a relationship – and then attaching grand expectations to it. Too many times I have seen men get with women who JUST left a long-term, monogamous relationship with a man she gave her ENTIRE heart to, and then this new dude is RIDICULOUS enough to think it’s now HIS time to experience all that love because she’s recently single. I can’t even tell y’all the amount of women I know who have tried to start serious relationships with dudes fresh on the dating scene, and ending up heartbroken because the dude couldn’t be the man she WANTED him to be. The fact is, when you ALLOW yourself to be a REBOUND, you need to be cautiously optimistic because a rebound relationship is almost ALWAYS sure to disappoint one party or the next.

People who go from relationships straight into dating new people without ANY time for genuflection are what I call ‘Kevin LOVERS.’

Kevin Love is arguably the BEST rebounder in the NBA today, and his propensity for snagging every loose ball that comes off the rim and backboard is akin to some people’s ability to scoop up fresh dates with no regard, RIGHT after their last relationship wounds are still fresh and open.

The problem with people fresh out of relationships who don’t take adequate time away from sex and dating to focus on healing themselves and figuring out what they truly want before hooking up with new people, is that they are entering the scene inherently BROKEN. Kevin LOVERS don’t really understand their exact mental and emotional headspace, nor are they are in a good position to adequately judge and perceive if the person they are rebounding with is truly a worthwhile personal-investment, or someone only worth a couple of good nights. But even though they are emotionally compromised, MOST rebounders will make ONE simple, half-cogent, yet surprisingly lucid statement about their intentions: “I’m just looking to have fun.”

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are dating a rebounder and they state they’re looking for fun, it means she wants stress-free richard or he wants pressure-free nani. If you are unable to provide them with that, then YOUR ASS should NOT be dating a rebounder. Rebounding-ass women just want a D*ck-In-A-Glass-Case they can break in case of a Vaginal Emergency [as stated by Chris Rock] and Rebounding-ass men just want to get some head in the parking lot of Red Lobster without some chick asking him “where do you see this relationship going?”

And you know WHY he hates that question? Because his ass LOVES not knowing [same for rebounding women as well].

Look, as grown adults, we should all know what serious, monogamous relationships entail: It’s a long, emotionally-trying, arduous, ecstatic, depressing roller-coaster of passion and anger. Once you leave a particularly bad, or sad or unfortunate relationship, you are completely SPENT and the last thing you [should] want to do is be inundated with ALL of those emotions all over again RIGHT AWAY. And herein lies the problem with people who DATE rebounders – they typically ask for WAY more than the other person can truly provide – which is why y’all need to RELAX yourselves and go with their flow OR realize that you deserve someone more SERIOUS and avoid ‘Kevin Lovers’ altogether.

This Is Your Conscience

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