Hate Chris Brown All You Want But Don’t FRONT Like ABUSE Is The REAL Issue

I am NOT a fan or Stan of Chris Brown, and I never will be. When he came out I thought he was talented but I clearly missed the hype-train that everyone else saw. After his Rihanna woman-beating episode I continued to give very few F*^KS about him or his personal life as usual, and as much as I thought the incident was WILD and disgusting, I never deify celebrities, so seeing him as a dumb-ass young dude who made a stupid DECISION was easy for me. But I must admit, I’m getting SICK and F*^KING TIRED of people using a serious issue such as DOMESTIC ABUSE as the front for their rabid dislike of Chris Brown.

This past weekend, Twitter comedian Jenny Johnson [who I follow and think is HILARIOUS] went in on Chris Brown on Twitter which sparked a heated exchange between her and Breezy. She initiated the entire incident by calling him a worthless piece of sh*t [out of absolutely NO WHERE], to which he then proceeded to talk about how much he wants to sh*t directly in her retina [his words, not mine]. After this exchange Chris ended up deleting his Twitter account with the quickness, and the celeb-following blogs went in on CHRIS for being a vulgar, misogynistic douchebag, while simultaneously painting Jenny as a righteous defender of womanhood who was victimized and BULLIED [yes, I heard a few sites actually use that term]. The problem with Jenny and many other Chris Brown “haters” is that their dislike is NOT predicated on being a true advocate for stopping “women-beaters” – they are opportunistic jackasses who are using a SERIOUS ISSUE such as domestic abuse, to castigate and insult ONE man, instead of addressing the REAL cause they are suppose to be defending which has A LOT more villains than just Breezy.

Like I wrote last week about Alicia Keys and the hypocritical teg-a-regs who go in on her in a self-righteous rage for being a home wrecker, but never talk about anyone else who does it, I’m DISGUSTED by the actions of men and women like Jenny who hide behind a veil of “supporting women” in their attacks on Chris Brown, when they don’t make a concerted effort to address anyone else. Why the F*^K is their rage NEVER directed at ANY other men who abuse women?

What about:
– Charlie Sheen: Shot his fiancee in 1990 and had a string of assaults leading up to 2011 against his ex-wife
– Gary Oldman: Abused his ex-wife
– Mel Gibson: Currently serving 3 years probation for abusing his girlfriend in 2010
– Nicholas Cage: Sued by his ex-girlfriend in 2009 for physical abuse
– Vanilla Ice: Arrested in 2008 for beating his wife
– Terrence Howard: Arrested in 2001 for assaulting his wife
– Bill Murray: Assaulted his wife in 2008 and told her “she’s lucky he didn’t kill her.”
– Wesley Snipes: Abused Halle Berry
– Jason Kidd: Assaulted his wife in 2001
– Santonio Holmes: Choked out his baby mother in 2006
– Tonya Harding: WHOOPS, this is a case of a woman abusing her husband, and we ALL know that DOESN’T count, right?
– And the list goes on…

What’s funny about all those above celebs is they can release new movies, new albums, new reality TV shows and other projects and these “DOMESTIC ABUSE FIGHTERS” remain painfully silent. But GOD FORBID, Chris Brown releases an album or wants to do a concert, and they will rally together to fight the power. If that doesn’t seem F*^KED UP to you, I don’t know what to tell you.

Rihanna posted this pic of Chris Brown laid up in her bed this weekend – I think it’s safe to say there are women who deserve MORE help than her

If there are any women out there who just HATE Chris Brown because of what he did and REFUSE to support him, I completely understand and I have no problem with you. But, if you act as if your hate for Chris Brown is NOT personally predicated on him, but moreso his actions of being a wife-beater which offends you as an advocate of domestic abuse, YET you don’t castigate any OTHER domestic abusers – GO F*^K YOURSELF.

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