If You Think Athletes, Actors & Musicians Are OVERPAID, Read THIS

“I’m OVERPAID?! Man F*^K YOU!”

I recently came across an article on some celeb-watching blog about how Forbes Magazine recently named Eddie Murphy the most OVERPAID actor in Hollywood in 2012. I was slightly intrigued at how they came up with this claim, so I clicked on the post and learned that Forbes creates the list by collecting the box office take of each star’s last three films, compared to the salary paid to them. By this calculation, Forbes estimates that for every $1 Murphy was paid for his last three films, the return was an average of $2.30 at the box office (which is bad apparently). Although I found the topic moderately entertaining, it was the COMMENTS section that had he laughing at how RIDICULOUS some people can be.

Besides old folks proclaiming how much Murphy has fallen off since Beverly Hills Cop, and young kids saying he’s never, EVER been funny his entire career [if you were born in ’92, please understand that you have ZERO credibility in judging Eddie Murphy’s career you young, frowsy douchebag], the most OFT-USED & HILARIOUS comment I heard was:All these damn actors get paid WAY TOO MUCH!’ And the rants didn’t just stop at actors, it went on to involve athletes, musicians and damn near ALL entertainers together. Now I often state that I’m NOT surprised by how stupid some people are, but today almost SHOCKED me, especially reading comments like THIS [copy and pasted]:

They’re all over paid!!…how do you make more then ppl who saves lives,or cures diseases maybe if they paid teachers more the schools would be better!..this world is backwards!

Now I can understand if an 11-year old uttered this anti-intellectual bullish*t because they can use their ignorance as an excuse, but this was written by a GROWN-ASS-ADULT. An adult who definitely has been schooled on the concepts of simple enterprise, basic business, economics 101, and finance-for-dummies, so there is literally NO good reason for a human with a fully formed brain to utter this nonsense. But, I just laughed and tried to keep it moving, but I couldn’t stop reading OTHER grown-ass adults spewing the same foolishness and then it got to the point where I really couldn’t take the wilful ignorance anymore and decided to speak on it.

So here’s my rant:

Ladies & Gentlemen, if YOU believe that actors, athletes and musicians are OVERPAID and you’re NOT a communist, you’re an IDIOT. These entertainers are either employees/independent contractors of a LARGER business that takes an INCREDIBLY large chunk of their earnings, or they are independent business owners who feature themselves as their main talent and source of income. The reason these people make SO MUCH, is because they offer a service WE pay for and/or support [directly or indirectly] which creates the capital used for their salaries.

Now, let’s discuss why they make more than Doctors, Firemen, Nurses, Teachers, EMT’s, Scientists, Police Officers and others who literally support our lives and well beings: Because we DON’T personally invest our money into those areas and we aren’t crazy about doing so either. In most countries, do you know how those people are paid? By the GOVERNMENT [sometimes directly or through subsidies] and the GOVERNMENT gets the money to pay them through many different sources, ONE main source being all of US – the TAXPAYERS. But here’s the REALLY hilarious part: Many of us are willing to sit and argue over how much an athlete deserves to be paid or how much a singer should get for performing a show, BUT how many of us have stood in line and picketed our government to increase our TAXES and/or government spending to increase the salaries of these people?

I’m willing to bet many have NOT.

For example, when NFL players sign 100 million dollar contracts it needs to be taken into context that the NFL makes eleven figures in NET PROFIT with money that comes from US, their fans. Teachers [for example], on the other hand, are mostly at war with shrinking school budgets which are financed by taxpayers. The NFL made 10 billion DURING the recession, while most countries had their economies SLAMMED. And what’s even more hilarious is how UNDER-TAXED Americans REALLY are, yet you all LOVE to complain about taxes being too high – yet you somehow, miraculously, want the state to find money to extravagantly fund workers with budgets dependent on YOUR tax dollars?


If you are truly upset about this “mismanagement” of financial allocation to people who deserve [and YES, people who save lives and cure disease deserve all the money, accolades and appreciation they can get] it starts with making a simple change on how US as a society decides to allocate our funds. If you want teachers to get paid more, then take the money you used to buy that 70″ flat screen TV, plus the season tickets, concert tickets and all your other entertainment funds and contribute THAT to these men and women. But if you’re unwilling to do that, because you’ll be DAMNED if you miss the New Kids On The Block reunion tour – plus shut the HELL up.

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