Dear Social Media Whores, The Internet Is NOT Written In Pencil

The funny thing about this Kim Kardashian pregnancy is how everyone seems to have an opinion on if it was the best move for either of them. 98% of the world thinks they’re F*^KED, 1% doesn’t care (the group I’m proud to have been in from the START and remain in today) and then there’s about a Dodge Caravan full of people who are actually happy for them – who all coincidentally have the last name Kardashian (except ol’ hating ass Rob). Almost everyone has a thought about them, even if most of us don’t live HALF of what we preach. Hell I know women sucking married men’s richards RIGHT NOW, call Kim a frowsy skeezer because she’s still legally married. But there’s one VERY interesting point that many of us are overlooking, that actually correlates a lot to our OWN lives.

The one question my boy asked, in relation to the only part of this entire sordid affair that I find even remotely eyebrow-raise worthy, is: How in the HELL is Kanye going to explain to his son/daughter that mommy is on MANY websites taking a face full of Ray-J’s special sauce and getting the R. Kelly treatment? And I sat there and tried to envision that conversation in my head to the BEST of my ability – and just couldn’t fathom ANYTHING. How the hell does a young girl come to grips with seeing her mother getting babies sprayed in her grill by arguably the mustiest R&B singer this side of K-Ci & Jo-Jo? How does a young man deal with knowing .jpeg of his father’s ballsack is a simple Google search away?

Now some of you may think it’s “weird” that I’m focusing on THIS particular part of her past while she’s pregnant, but if you don’t think her past is an issue at this juncture in her life, explain this: Sales of Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape have gone through the roof since her boyfriend Kanye West announced that the couple is expecting a baby. Vivid Entertainment, the company that owns ‘Kim K Superstar’, said that the video-on-demand purchases of the sex tape have spiked 80% since Sunday night, reported. This let’s ME know there’s a TON of people out there wondering the answer to my boy’s question too: How do you reconcile your very public sexual past with your child, presumably who you would want to respect you and also NOT follow down your promiscuous path?

But then it got me thinking: As much as Kanye and Kim live in FRONT of the camera, social media has provided us ALL with our OWN individual stages where we can act out our 15 minutes of fame for the entire internet. It reminded me of a great quote that Erica Albright says to Mark Zuckerberg in the “The Social Network”:

“The Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.”

Will our actions be on the same scale as theirs? Probably not. But to act as if many of us aren’t playing out a great deal of our lives on the net is simply being wilfully ignorant. Sheeeeeeiiiiitttttt, I’m not even on Instagram and I’ve seen half my city naked, know their drama, and I’m familiar with many intimate moments in folks lives. As someone who watches A LOT of homegrown pr0n, I can tell you that a lot of COMMON ass is scattered on the internet. So if Kim ever reflects on that question, she won’t be the only one who needs to come up with an answer.

How she gonna explain THIS to her kids? She thought it was her inhaler?

Nigga betta hope Tumblr ain’t around when his kids get older..

I find it very interesting that a lot of people believe Kim K could have avoided this conundrum with her past by carrying herself with more class – yet many of the same people have all types of ratchet sh*t somewhere on the net that THEY one day may have to explain to their children. I guess the real moral conundrum many of us are facing is whether we are EVER going to take our OWN advice (start acting classy) or are we just going to stay being comfortable throwing stones in front of our glass house?

This Is Your Conscience

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