Nothing’s More PATHETIC Than A Mother Keeping Her Child Away From The Father

Everyday on this blog, my Twitter and my Facebook Fan Page, I get the opportunity to interact with my readers, debate interesting topics and crack a lot of jokes – and every now and then, sh*t gets VERY real. One of my biggest supporters of all my endeavours has been a man named Richard Barrett who, although we’ve never met, I can say I have nothing but the utmost respect for and would call a friend. When I learned about the issues he’s facing in his personal life, it reminded me of one issue that absolutely drives me INSANE: Women who intentionally cut GOOD [and I must stress GOOD] fathers out of their children’s lives simply out of SPITE.

Here’s more on Richard’s story, straight from the man himself:

Now let’s be clear on ONE important fact: I believe a parent is more than warranted in keeping their child away from the other parent IF that child is in danger of physical, mental, sexual or verbal abuse. I believe that a mother is SMART for keeping her child away from an abusive or negligent father that can potentially endanger that kid in someway. With THAT said, I want to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that’s NOT the situation here. Richard’s ex-wife has NOT claimed that the child’s safety is in question. In fact, she actually said in her court application that “she doesn’t think he really wants to spend as much time as he indicated” with his son.

Now sometimes, it’s the mother who absorbs so much abuse and distress HERSELF that she feels she must take her child to potentially protect him or her from any future issues. But, once again, let me make it clear that that’s not the case her either. Richard doesn’t smoke, do drugs, gamble, beat women or financially neglect his family. For all intents and purposes, he’s a good man trying HARD to be a good father – but his ex-wife is doing everything she can to cut him out of his child’s life.

Now before you say that I’m being biased and I’m on his side because we all fellow males and associates, I want to make this point crystal clear: I’m NOT posting this blog on HIS behalf – I’m posting it on behalf of his child. And hell, not just HIS child, but every child anywhere in the world who is being neglected the opportunity to build and grow with one of their loving parents, because the other parent is intent on being a selfish DOUCHEBAG. At the end of the day, I don’t care WHAT Richard’s issues are with his ex-wife, because that’s between them – but I DO know that as long as the child’s safety is NOT in question, there’s NO good reason for that child to not have BOTH loving parents in its life.

The one point that Richard makes that I co-sign 100% is how growing up WITHOUT a father can have adverse effects on a child. Not only will this kid be kept from their dad, but they will probably be raised in an environment where the mother constantly badmouths him, therefore creating even MORE issues in that poor child’s mind – but it doesn’t have to be like that.

I have absolutely ZERO respect for a man or woman that would help alienate their child’s other-parent from their life simply out of frustration and anger. At some point YOU need to be mature enough to understand that your child’s life is BIGGER than YOUR desire for vengeance, and do what’s in THEIR best interest. This is NOT about taking the man’s side, or the woman’s side – it’s about understanding that the CHILD’S mental and emotional well-being trumps whatever argument they’re having.

This Is Your Conscience

p.s. If you would like to donate to Richard’s cause, please visit his Indiegogo page HERE and give what you’re comfortable with.

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