Parents Of A Child Who Survived The Sandy Hook Shootings Are SUING The State?! WTF?!

When I first heard about the children being slaughtered in Newtown, CT, my heart instantly went out to all the parents who had kids in that school. CNN was blaring news about the tragedy all day, and I’m sure MANY of the parents learned about the shooting from the TV before they were notified by the school. Hell, they found out about the tragedy before anyone knew if it was their child who was still breathing or lying dead in a classroom. That is the type of mental strain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. To the parents who lost a young child, it’s clear that there’s nothing in the world that they would want more than to have their little loved one back, and to the families who narrowly escaped losing a child, there’s nothing they would want more than to have the memories of that fateful day permanently erased from their kids’ minds. Well, except for ONE family, who decided 100 million dollars would be enough – at the expense of the state.

The parents of a 6 year old girl who was at Sandy Hook the day it was shot up, have decided to sue everyone from the State Board of Education to the Connecticut Department of Education, and the State Commissioner of Education for not providing their daughter with a safe place to learn, failing to determine whether the local Newtown Board of Education provided a safe setting, and allegedly not pushing the school to create an emergency response plan. The claim also states that the young girl “has sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury, the nature and extent of which are yet to be determined.” And even though their daughter was able to walk away from this tragedy while 26 families had to bury a loved one, they felt that being thankful for their daughters life is NOT enough – they need to get paid.

Well, let me say this is no uncertain terms: F*^K them. F*^K them for believing that this tragedy should result in a monetary reward. F*^K them for trying to gauge the state for 100 million dollars and not even having the common decency to AT LEAST make it a class action lawsuit by all the families affected (especially those who lost their child). And F*^K them for perpetuating the ridiculous ideology that, even in FREAK, crazy accidents, there’s always someone who deserves exorbitant amounts of blame for an act that was essentially an unprecedented tragedy.

I understand when a family feels the need to sue because of incompetence or negligence, but whatever happened to ‘completely unforeseen circumstances?’ Hell what happened to ‘Sh*t happens?’ Like I wrote on this site back in July after some douchebag tried to sue everyone in the wake of the Aurora Colorado shootings, our overly litigious society has F*^KED-UP our humanity.

The fact that the family wants 100 million for themselves is disgusting. Instead of suing the state, how about protesting that they donate 100 million to hospitals who assist children with severe mental and emotional issues? How about using 100 million to create a charity responsible for advocating the safety of children in schools? Or how about you just hug your beautiful 6 year old daughter, thank God that she wasn’t taken from you in the shooting, and commit to loving her each and every day while staying OUT of courtrooms.

This Is Your Conscience

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