Would You Ever Allow Your Son To Wear A Dress?!


“How would you feel if your son came to you and told you he wanted to be a cross-dresser?”

That was the question Devon “Split Verse” Jones asked me in the interview we did last night to promote the upcoming “Sexual Roles” panel event I will be speaking at on September 7th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

To watch the interview, check the video below:

Interestingly enough, her question reminded me of a post I wrote about Dyson a.k.a. The Princess Boy, based on the very same question. My stance then is essentially my stance now:

“To state a man is WRONG for saying he doesn’t want HIS Son to engage in acts that are opposite from the Father’s interests and levels of acceptance is flat out BULLSH*T. Any man has the right to not accept that – but a Great father would, while a GARBAGE-parent would NOT and end up ruining their child’s psyche for the rest of their natural born lives.”

But also, I would LOVE to see you all reach this event. Here’s the flyer with the details:

DATING flyer

To purchase tickets, please visit THIS link: https://theaofx.eventbrite.ca

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