Women Who Say They Don’t Want Their Salad Tossed Are LYING! [By: Amanda Scott]


Fellas, I do not consider myself a sexpert in any official capacity, but if I know anything, it’s this: When it comes to tossing salad there are 3 types of women…the ones who love it, the ones who don’t know they love it yet and the women who love to lie about not liking it!!

For the uninitiated, I present to you the definition of salad tossing:

At a recent girls night, we all got together to celebrate our friend’s b-day and we all sat around in our pajama’s drinking red wine and telling stories…which eventually turned into sex stories. (Of course!). In her drunken state, the birthday girl revealed that her boyfriend tossed her salad for the first time as part of his birthday celebration for her (oh lawd, please don’t ask!). First we all reacted by unanimously screaming “EWW!” followed by laughing until tears streamed down our faces! But slowly something strange started to happen…

First, one of the other girls said “all jokes aside, I actually think that’s kinda hot…I had it done to me once and it wasn’t too bad”. We all looked at her like she had two heads and we immediately began laughing out loud so hard her neighbours probably could hear! But then, another one of our girls admitted that she doesn’t mind it either…and before you know it, we all fessed up to not only having it done, but loving every minute of it!

As we started to talk candidly about it, we started to think about all the women who are too scared to admit they like it for fear of being labelled a h0e or worse – and all the men who do it, but will never admit to it.

Ok, I know that not all women have the same sex tastes and that there are many women who probably would never want that done to them (although I can’t understand why), but overall I think it’s sad that we live in a society where we allow our sexual tastes to be overly controlled by social norms.

To all the women who’ve never let a man toss your salad, I implore you to try it once – because once you have it, it immediately changes your sex life forever (for the better!). And to all the men who do it, keep on keeping on because women love it more than you actually know!

After me and my homegirls stopped professing our love for the tossed salad, the birthday girl asked “so how do you ladies feel about tossing your man’s salad?” We each looked around the room at one another, took a long sip from our glasses, and changed the topic to the weather before the awkward silence set in.

Baby steps girl, baby steps…


Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience